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Tour Guide


Players who log into Autcraft for the first time should always be offered a tour. This guide provides helpful information on the areas to show each player and some simple wording for each area. Please always offer a personal guided tour. The tour coaster has been created for when there is no one available to give a tour so the new player can still get started.

For a simpler version of this guide, please visit the Tour Guide forum. 

Who Can Give Tours
Any player can give a tour! Please explore Spawn to learn where things area. Review the basic rules of Autcraft so you can answer questions. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you don't know the answer to a question. Ask to shadow a tour led by an experienced tour giver, such as a Helper or Buddy. 

Tour Behavior

  • Stick to the important topics (portal room, shops, info center)
  • New players do not need to see your base or learn about your head collection. There is plenty of time to do that after the tour. 
  • If you need to leave before the tour is over, do not just say goodbye and leave. Always find someone to take over the tour. Introduce the new player to the person finishing the tour, then say goodbye. 
  • Do not start playing a minigame during the tour. Let the player know they have time to play games when the tour is over. Help them set a home in build world, request protection, and lock a chest for their items before starting any games. 
  • Always tell the player how to leave the channel after the tour and make sure they have left the channel before you leave. Welcome them to Autcraft back in main chat.  

Areas to Cover

  • Portal Room
    • Please explain the purpose of each world instead of only announcing where each portal leads, as they are already labeled. 
    • Explain the purpose of resource worlds and that they reset each month. 
    • When you get to the minigames portal, explain that they must empty their inventory before joining a game. Show the new player where the enderchests are. Let them know to ask in chat when they want a friend to join them in a game.
  • Jobs
    • Use the button wall, walk, or use /warp jobs
    • Explain that doing jobs in Autcraft will earn them join points and jobs $ (/bal)
    • The store is currently closed while we finish moving to the new website, but they can start earning points now. 
    • They can have up to 3 jobs at a time and can change jobs at any time. 
    • Give the player time to choose their jobs. 
  • Shops
    • Walk, or use /warp shops
    • Show The Bank and explain how to exchange jobs $ (seen with /bal) for emeralds. If you are feeling generous, grab some emeralds to give them. 
    • Take them to one of the shops and explain how to right click a shopkeeper to see what is for sale. 
    • If you gave them emeralds, let them buy something. 
    • Take the new player to the Trades area and let them explore what is available. 
  • Lost and Found
    • Return to /spawn
    • Walk the player to Lost and Found
    • Explain that important items that are found can be returned here.
    • Show the player the anvils and ask that they name important items with their use name so items can be easily returned. 
  • Info Center
    • Walk up the stairs Info Center
    • Commonly used commands are displayed in this room.
    • Players can check here or ask in chat is they have any questions

Optional Areas to Cover

These are other important areas to show new players, but they are not required if the new player seems bored or in a hurry to get to playing. 

  • TAO
    • Talking About Others
    • Explain that we like to share when players are being kind and helpful
    • Show the book dispenser and the hopper
  • Birthday Island (Birthday Boardwalk)
    • Tell the new player that they can let us know about their birthday!
    • Birthdays must be submitted before Player of the Week on the Saturday before their birthday in order for it to be announced and placed on the Birthday Board.

But There is So Much More To See!
Less is More. Too much information makes it hard to remember it all. Stick to the important places and leave the rest for the new player to discover as they play.

  • If the new players asks to see a specific area, show them!
  • Wait to show player shops, the emerald farm, or any other builds until the tour is complete. 

I'm Not Giving a Tour. How Can I Help?

  • If someone else is giving a tour and you are not part of it, please wait until the tour is over before interacting.
  • Please do not send the new player any TP requests. New players may not understand the commands and they need to learn Spawn first.
  • Let the player giving the tour lead our new friend around. 
  • Wait before inviting them to play games, visit your base, or anything else on the server. Let them finish their tour. 
  • Please wait before throwing gifts at new players
  • Give the new player some space. Logging in for the first time can be very scary.
  • Wait until the tour is over and then ask if they would like any armor or gifts. Some players like to earn things on their own
  • Do not join the tour channel unless you are giving a tour or shadowing to learn how to give one in the future. The channel is only for the new player and tour giver. 
  • If you are shadowing a tour, please just watch and listen. Save any questions you have for after the tour, or message a staff member for help. 

The New Player is in a Hurry to Get Started! What is the Shortest Tour I Can Give?
  • Show the player the portal room
    • Explain the difference between build worlds and resource worlds
  • Let them choose which world they want to build their first baes in
    • Guide them through finding a place to build, setting their first home, and submitting at /modreq for protection
  • Tell them to ask in chat if they have any question. 
  • Let them know they can have a full tour at any time if they want one. 
Wording Suggestions (great to copy/past into chat!)
  • The Store is Down
    • The store is closed while we move to the new website. It will open soon
  • Resource versus Build
    • The resource world is for mining, hunting, getting wood, and other things. The world resets each month.
    • The build world is where we have our bases and keep our things. It does not reset. 
  • Minigame Inventory
    • Always empty your inventory, including any gear you are wearing, before joining a minigame. You may use the enderchests in the portal room or in the minigames lobby.
  • Info Center
    • This is where you will find answers to many common questions. You can also ask in chat if you need any help.
  • How to /sethome
    • Please give each home a unique name like "base." Please type /sethome base
    • Let's test your set home. Walk over here and type /home base
  • Marking Protection Corners
    • Use the wool markerblocks to mark the corners of the area you want to claim. Make sure they are easy for the admins to see. 
  • Modreq
    • Please type /modreq please protect
  • Lock Chest and Sign Placement
    • You can lock a chest to just you by placing a sign without shift/crouch. 
    • (Place a double chest and give them a sign if you are able)
  • How to Leave the Channel
    • Do you have any questions before we end the tour?
    • To leave the tour please type /chan leave
    • (Make sure the player understands how to leave the channel before you leave)
    • (in main chat) Back from chan with (new player name). Welcome to Autcraft!

Other Useful Information
If you are giving a tour with more than one tour guide, take turns sharing information and explaining areas. An easy way to do this is one person explains the portal room. The next person explains the jobs area, and so on. 

Please try to keep the tour brief. New players are eager to start playing. Show them what they need to know to get started and help them get playing as soon as possible. A complete tour can take as little as 10 minutes.