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A Protection is an area around your land that essentially locks the permissions to only you and other players of your choosing. Once protected, no other players will be able to place or break blocks within your protection.

Your protection will also include a custom greeting that appears in chat for any player that enters as well as a farewell message that appears in chat for any player leaving your area.

Your build must be 30 blocks or more away from every other build around it. If there is something created by another player already existing within a 30 block distance to your requested build, then it can not be protected.

In order to have your area protected, you must have something build that is clearly visible to the admins. If your base is under ground, then you must mark out its furthest edges above ground.

If you need it protected before you have time to begin building, you must, at the very least, mark out the area using clearly visible materials, such as wool or coloured glass. If the admins can't find it, it won't be done.

Requesting Protection
To request that your build be protected, you must stand within the area to be protected and issue a modreq

30 Block Rule
As stated, you must be at least 30 blocks away from all other player's builds in order to be approved for protection.

However, players must realize that builds are protected with a 10 block buffer. This means that your base will be protected as well as 10 blocks out from your base in each direction. This means that if another player builds 30 blocks away and their base is also protected  with a 10 block buffer and both players expand up to the edge of their protection, it could look like both bases are actually only 10 blocks apart, not 30.

Adding Members
You can add other players, called region members, to your protection, enabling them access to build with you.

To list members of your region, type /rg info in the chat.

Additional Options
You may request, in your modreq to have your area protected, to include these additional options as features of your protection:
  • Disable use of all buttons, levers, pressure plates, doors, enchantment tables, workbenches (it is not possible to enable/disable individual items, it's all or nothing)
  • Disable chest access for all players not on the protection list (this overrides Lockette)
  • Custom Greeting (specify in your modreq or the comments of your modreq what you would like the greeting to say)
  • Custom Farewell (specify in your modreq or the comments of your modreq what you would like the farewell to say)
  • Deny raid triggering due to Bad Omen for visitors