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Whether you are already approved for the Autcraft Minecraft server or not, if you are not registered with this website, please register immediately. We will need your info here to sync up your Minecraft account to the website so we can start to use more features, such as the store.

We're truly sorry for the inconvenience but please understand that this is necessary.

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AutismFather AutismFather12 days ago
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School's Out Party!!

At 2pm (server time, that's 2 hours before POTW), on May 28th, Autcraft will be hosting a party to celebrate the end of the school year!

We will have a custom resource pack with carefully selected music, artwork, and more. The location will be revealed at the time of the party.

All players are welcome to attend, and there will be special goodies to collect for those who are there.

For the date, time, and a countdown while on the server, type in the command /events

School's Out Party Poster...</div></body></html>

AutismFather AutismFather24 days ago
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Problem: You can get colored shulker heads on Autcraft but there are no colored shulkers, so how do you get their heads in different colors?

Solution: You dye them!

Starting today, May 2, 2022, you can now dye shulker mobs. Yes, it's dangerous but the reward is worth it!

AutismFather AutismFather2 months ago
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This website is a work in progress, we just moved to this new website recently, so please excuse some things being missing or not yet working. For example, our store is not setup yet. We will get that filled in and you will be able to get ranks and items like before but for right now, please be patient as we get things back in order.

If you are new here, please do be sure to read our rules before doing anything else. If you'd like to join Autcraft, head on over to our registration page and fill it in!