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New Website!

Welcome to the new! We're still building so please be patient with us as we add more and more. Whether you are already approved for the Autcraft Minecraft server or not, if you are not registered with this website, please register immediately. We will need your info here to sync up your Minecraft account to the website so we can start to use more features, such as the store. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience but please understand that this is necessary. Autcraft.

Everything to know for Christmas on Autcraft!
7 days ago

#1 - The Autcraft Christmas Resource Pack:
For information on how to use a resource pack, go to

Block Friday Sale! On until the end of Monday
13 days ago

All weekend, players can get any rank, /fly, /sethome options, and more shops for 50% off!

The sale ends at the end of Monday so put those job points to use now!

Christmas on Autcraft!
15 days ago

We have a brand new Advent Calendar this year and we can't wait to show you what's inside!

As always, players can join each day in December up to and including Christmas to get free in game gifts! And on Christmas Day, get a present from under the tree and collect the Autcraft 2023 sword!

In addition to this, we'll also have a Menorah for Hannukah, and a Kinara for Kwanza, plus some extras to go along with those as well.

The Admins will be changing their skins so you'll be able to get special 2023 Christmas Admin heads all December in Wither/Darkness/Madness fights.

On December 24th, you are all invited to join us on the ser...

The Village of Boos is now open!
about 1 month ago

The Village of Boos is now open!

Originally opening in 2016, this is now the 8th time that players have been able to explore this area and each and every time, it has been updated and upgraded with new features, new areas, and new blocks and game mechanics.

Been around for so long, there's so much to see and do that you could spend a month there and still not find everything.

Also, before you enter, at spawn, just before the Info Center, there's a display with some brand new map arts to collect. Be sure to grab one of each!

Happy Halloween! Be safe and collect all the treats!

Village of Boos Opening Soon for Halloween!
2 months ago

🎶🎵This is Halloween, This is Halloween🎵🎶

Our Village of Boos opens on October 17th!

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