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New Website!

Welcome to the new! We're still building so please be patient with us as we add more and more. Whether you are already approved for the Autcraft Minecraft server or not, if you are not registered with this website, please register immediately. We will need your info here to sync up your Minecraft account to the website so we can start to use more features, such as the store. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience but please understand that this is necessary. Autcraft.

Item Displays! Now you can use them too!
9 days ago

We've added a new plugin that lets YOU create item displays at your base. It's a very simple command to use and it'll make a display, a lot like a hologram, right where you stand.

Item displays are a fantastic alternative to item frames because they are more see through, more 3D, and they create 0 lag for the server or for your computer.

Creating and Removing an Item Display

The command is:
/itemdisplay create <item>

The <item> in the command can be practically any item in the game. As you type it into the command prompt, it'll give you a list of items to choose from.

You can also specif...

AutCon 2023 is today!!
about 1 month ago

Log onto the server for a special AutCon 2023 head (this is the only day you can get it!) and head to /warp AutCon

AutCon 23 is August 20th, all day on the server!
about 1 month ago

We're excited to announce that AutCon 2023 will be happening this August 20th, on the server, all day long. We'll have special heads, map arts, games, prizes, and more for players in all time zones.

A special warp will be set up as well as a button at spawn once the AutCon area is open to players!

See you on August 20th!

Autcraft has updated to 1.20.1!!
3 months ago

Cherry Wood, Bamboo Wood, Camels, Armor Trims, and more await you on Autcraft!

Also, we've expanded the world borders for all build worlds by 10,000 in all directions!

Fireworks at Spawn for the 4th of July!!
3 months ago

Happy 4th of July!

I know not everyone on Autcraft is American but most people around the world do know the 4th of July as a time for fireworks.

And as many autistic people are unable to see fireworks shows in real life due to how overwhelming they can be and how they can torture the senses, we decided to put on a fireworks show on Autcraft!

This will be our 11th time doing fireworks for the 4th of July!!

You all are welcome to join us on the server all day for fireworks at /spawn!

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