So here's something that we see often and just happened again. Please read and learn from this.

A player on Autcraft had a Twitter account which recently has become quite rude and vulgar. In fact, far worse than I'd care to describe here. And what's even worse is that they began attacking other players on Twitter.

It got so bad that we had to remove that player from the whitelist as a precaution. Once we were able to talk, they told us that they didn't really use Twitter so they had given the account away to a friend.


Your account is YOUR identity. If you give someone else access or give it away to someone else, that person can quite literally say and do anything they want and YOU are the one that will pay the consequences for it.

You can never prove it either. Think about it, how would you prove that it was someone else and not you? If the account is saying and doing such terrible things, wouldn't it be logical to assume that the person would be willing to lie about it too? How are we supposed to believe that it was really a "friend"?

You can never really know what someone else will use your account for. And if you have already friended/followed people that you consider friends or important to you in any way... guess who will immediately become the victim to what ever terrible things that person decides to do.

And that's the thing... they can quite literally say and do anything they want because it will all come back on you. Not them. You. It's your account.

If you aren't using an account, whether it's social media, Minecraft or anything else.. do not EVER give someone else access to it. Delete it when you're done. Forget the password to it. What ever you want to do but never ever give anyone else access to it.

You are responsible for your identity online no matter who using it.

If you are a parent, please tell your children.

UndeadMiner Ye and also I never give my accounts away it’s dumb i never once gave my accounts away accept this time I only gav...
lilChowder2006 oh gosh...
Przemek32767 Two cents from me: 1) Use complex passwords with a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 2...

It's December which means it's time to open up Christmas Village to all of the players. As with every year, more has been added to make it bigger and better than ever! You can visit Christmas Village by going to /spawn and pressing the button in front of the ACC portal.

There's an Advent Calendar inside Christmas Village that has doors which will open each day but there's also another, new, Advent Calendar in our online shop. By doing /buy in game or visiting the website (, players will get one free item each day leading up to Christmas Day, for free!

In addition to all of this, there will be new decorator heads added for Christmas, including characters and items, such as presents, bells and more!

Of course, that's not nearly all but we don't want to spoil all of the surprises!

So join us in counting down to Christmas by visiting the Autcraft server and seeing everything that's new in Christmas Village!

CreeperGaming718 Guys, I'm trying 1.14 beta, it is so cool! I have all of the new cats, THEY ADDED MICHAEL THE CAT!!! It looked EXAC...
xXDuckDuckXx dashing through the snow in a 1 duck open sleigh sits me and im excited for all of the days to be opened it seems so ama...
destinyisntfree Titis is so cool!

Since this happened two separate times just this weekend, this apparently needs to be repeated:

Autcraft is a no swearing server. Not even inappropriate language or topics. There are children on the server as young as 6 years old, many are between 8 and 12. Their parents do not want their children hear/reading things that may upset them, or that they have no business reading.

This includes books, signs and private messages, not just public chat.

Two separate times this weekend, friends were playing together on the server, never talking in public chat, only ever talking to each other in private and both times, one of the friends said a very bad swear word that resulted in our plugins auto kicking them and removing them from the whitelist.

Why are we this strict? Why not let two friends talk this way in private?

Because we've seen many, MANY times where people forget to put the '/' before their messages, or where the server experienced a hiccup or some other accident or mistake where what should be private ends up being shared with the entire server.

We understand completely that some players, especially our older players, don't like having to censor themselves just because there are children on the server. But you know what? That's the way it is.

I've said it many times before and I'll keep repeating it... our server rules are not open to your own selective interpretation. When it says "no swearing," it means no swearing. It doesn't matter where you write the words, or how old you are, or what your opinion of the rules is... you do not swear. Period.

I'm not trying to be mean. But the whole point of this server is to keep players safe. All players. And not being able to swear is not, in any way jeopardizing your safety. But it is ensuring the safety of those much younger than you.

Also, if you do find yourself removed and would like to be back on the server, promising to keep the language family friendly, then all it takes is an email to me, a message on our website or even a message to our Facebook page. Let me know you made a mistake and won't do it again and I'll re-add you right away.

But again... no swearing is no swearing. Period.

x35gaming i get told off for swearing, even if i said something mild : poop
DudleyPippin Hi AutismFather. Just a while ago, I acsedentilly said a bad word on the server. Just wanted to tell you it was just a ...
SkyThom i think this is fair. i do loose my temper from time to time, and once i got banned for swearing, and i feel like a disc...

We want to see you dance!

For the month of November, we want you to submit a video of yourself doing the Tarzan dance. What is the Tarzan dance?

This is the song:

This a video of people doing the dance:

What we want is for players to submit a video of themselves doing the dance. It doesn't have to be the whole song, just the same part as what you see people doing in the second video. You don't even have to do it exactly as they do it. If you can make your video look good and impress the Admins, you could win. We just want to see you dancing to the music.

Submitting Your Video

Obviously YouTube is the best way to get your video online for us but it's not the only way. There's also Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Vimeo and others. Here's a short article on some handy ways to get a video uploaded:

Once you have it uploaded, submit it in the comments to this thread:

Contest Deadline

The contest runs from now until the end of November, 2018. At the end of November 30th, EST, we'll stop taking submissions.

A winner will be selected on December 15th, 2018.

The winner will receive 10,000 points (value of $100) to use in our store at


- Your video must include the music. It can be played over the video (edited in) or it can be in the background.
- You can wear a mask (it was just Halloween after all) if you don't want to show your face.
- The dance doesn't have to be exactly as they do it in the video. Feel free to improvise.
- The winner will be selected by the Admins.
- We will be judging the video over all so it's not necessarily the best dancer that will win.


Now, we know that not everyone can dance and not everyone has a video camera and not everyone wants to upload videos of themselves. Don't worry, we understand. Consider this a test for future contests. If people are willing to participate and get involved, we'll be holding more contests in the future with different requirements... no dancing. 

Basically what we're saying is, if you want to see more fun contests with big prizes, participate! And we'll do more!

ArcticFoxWaffles Next we should do fortnite emote challenge. Who can perform True Heart the best? Ecks Dee
fluffyrosie I’m bad st The Tarzan dance :(
Ezra901 Can there be a singing contest next? i like singing and i think im ok at it! :d

Over the last 5 years, we have had some players who constantly cause drama on the server for everyone. Sometimes they're just depressed, sometimes they're feeling very negative. Sometimes a bad thing just happened in their lives.

There's two main problems here and that is when this is a constant thing that is always made public for everyone to see and the other is that this often leads to those players being combative and even downright rude to the other players.

We not unsympathetic. In fact, the reason that we have let it go on and on for so long with some players is that we know it's not their fault. We know how hard it is for them. We want to help.

However... there comes a point when it has to stop.

Here's the thing, it's not fair to the other players. Sure, there will be times when drama hits.... someone was bullied, a pet died, someone's just feeling down... but when it becomes a constant source of drama, then that's just not healthy for the other players. Players don't come to Autcraft to have someone do that to them over and over again.

There are some players who insist on making their drama public rather than talk to us privately about it. They have to be negative for everyone to see. They have to attack other people for all to see. They have to get the full attention of the entire server. They simply will not just talk to a friend, or to us... they always, every time, drag the entire server into it.

Many times they go out of their way to wait until those small moments when no Admins or SrHelpers are on to disrupt and upset everyone. They even go so far as to say "uh oh, an Admin is on. This must mean I'm going to be banned now." any time one of us does show up and then promptly leaves on their own.

So anyway, before this gets too long, this is the point... any players that the Admin team finds to be constantly dragging the entire server into drama, who turns their negativity into insults, attacks or cruelty, anyone we find to be avoiding us or subverting us just to have an unmonitored audience that they can say anything to... will be removed from Autcraft.

Again, we wish it wouldn't come to this and I have touched on this before... the needs of the entire server outweighing the few... but this is the first time we're taking a hard stance.

We have to recognize that some people need real therapy. Actual professionals who have the training and experience to help these players with real world problems. We have to admit that a Minecraft server full of children as young as 6 years old is not the place to be bringing drama and negativity to on a daily basis.

Now, don't get me wrong... those players who feel down a lot of the time, we're still here for you. Talk to us in private, in messages, mail, talk to your friends about it... by all means, Autcraft will always be there for you.

All we ask is that private things remain private and that children remain free to be happy and have fun without anyone constantly bringing them down.

Those players who read this and worry that they fit this description, feel free to contact any of us and talk to us. We'd really rather not have to remove anyone if we can help it.

CreeperGaming718 Oh... This might be difficult to me for POTW =I OOF
SkyThom i would like to contact you about this post for being fit to this description please.
destinyisntfree It makes me sad that it had to come to this, but it also makes me feel really confident that the admin team has the best...
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