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Spawn is the first place new players see when they log on to Autcraft. It is the central location for getting to every location on Autcraft and also functions as a meeting place for many events and activities. 

Current Features

  • Spawn Tower
    • The current spawn has a large tower in the center of a valley. From this point, players can see many of the most important areas at spawn. Players can leave the tower via a suspension bridge, or a water elevator. The raw gold block in the center of the tower is known as "The Golden Beans." Inside of the tower can be found an enchanting room, a map of spawn, and a secret underground dance club.
  • Secret Rooms
    • There are many secret rooms hidden around spawn for players to discover. They are hidden and tricky to find, utilizing secret entrances tucked away in unexpected locations. 
  • Shiny Room
    • The Shiny head room displays shiny heads that have been discovered. This room also features some of the mob heads from The Darkness, such as Cursed Admins and mob bosses. 
  • Transportation Station
    • The portals room at Spawn 6 is known as The Transportation Station and contains portals and warp buttons to take players anywhere they want to go. World portals feature mini biomes to provide examples of what can be done in each world, such as building, collecting resources, or playing a minigame. The button wall has warp buttons to take players to the Birthday Board, Jobs Center, Calm Rooms, Spam Room, Enderman Farm, Mob Farm, Public Farm, TARDIS, and Shops area. 
  • T.A.R.D.I.S 
    • The TARDIS is a reference to Doctor Who in which the lead character flies around in a big blue phone box that is bigger on the inside. The TARDIS replaced the "wall of player heads" as the number of players we had with ranks grew beyond what the walls could hold. As AutismFather thought about it, he realized that an infinite number of wall spaces were required so it only made sense to have a building that was somehow "bigger on the inside." The TARDIS traveled through time and space to arrive in the mountains at Spawn 6. 
  • Jobs Centre 
    • In the Jobs Centre, you can join or leave jobs, check your job stats, and see the top workers in each job. This centre can be found from the Spawn Tower by following the path in front of the the Transportation Station to the left and walking down into the large cave. The Jobs area are at the bottom of the steps. 
  • Lost and Found
    • Lost and Found is a service for players who have lost important items. From the Spawn Tower, follow the main path to the right. There is a sign pointing to a small set of stairs. See [[Lost and Found]]
  • Lodge
    • The first building ever made on Autcraft, the lodge was designed to be the central meeting place for players to gather and head off on adventures together. It was created with ender chests, anvils, and even a hidden enchantment table for players to do virtually anything they needed while there. The lodge was created before Autcraft even opened to the public and hasn't changed much since. The lodge can be found by following the path through the tunnel behind the campfire benches that are over the Transportation Station.
  • Shops
    • The Shops are located on the other side of the mountain and can be accessed through a tunnel past the Announcements Board. In this area players can exchange emeralds for many useful items. The Trade Merchants are also located in the Shops area now, where you can trade items you have for different materials. 
  • Bank
    • You can find The Bank in the Shops area. Here, you can exchange your in-game money for emeralds, which can be used to buy items from shops at spawn or from players.
  • Birthday Island
    • This "island" is on the south end of spawn and can be accessed by a bridge at the edge of the forest. Upcoming birthdays are displayed. Players can request their birthday be added to the board, and be announced at Player of the Week, by submitting a modreq

Past Features

  • Patreon Monument
    • To have Autcraft actually generate some income, AutismFather signed up to Patreon where people anywhere in the world can pledge money to the server monthly. In exchange for pledges of $10 or more, a monument at spawn was created to hold and display the patron's name. For more information on Patreon, visit [[Patreon|its wiki page.]]
  • Appreciation House
    • In December 2020, to celebrate Patreon members,  a new house was built and installed at spawn. It was open to only paying Patreon members. The name was later changed to the “Appreciation House”, and became open to everyone. 
  • Elytra Tower
    • The First And only Tower Of its kind is at Spawn 4

Spawn History
In 2013, Autcraft launched with just one single world. At its center was Spawn, the gateway to all other places of interest on the server.

Since that time though, the server has gone through several changes and with it, several different versions of spawn.

Spawn 1
2013 - 2014

This spawn was the first and often regarded as the player's favorite spawn. When [[AutismFather|AutismFather]] first set up the server, this was the location where the very first blocks were placed. The premise was to have a warm, inviting feeling as though you were joining a friendly neighborhood. Villager stations were set up, a lodge was situated on top of a nearby mountain where players could gather and a large 'Welcome' sign was high in the sky in the very center.

Players were encouraged to build around this central location.

Other buildings were added over time including the original "Quartz Hotel", the original sandstone pyramid, a trading station, the Autcraft railway station, and an animal zoo. 

You can TP to this spawn by doing /warp spawn1

Spawn 2
2014 - 2015

In 2014 Spawn wasn't just a new location but a whole new world.

The "Lobby" world was created to house all future Spawn builds with the idea that since players could not explore, the file size of the world would never grow so large as to become corrupted by data loss.

The neighborhood feel was replaced by a single massive building with intricate details throughout. The hope was to demonstrate to players the possibilities that could be done with walls and floors beyond a basic flat surface.

The warp room and warp buttons were replaced with water portals throughout the building that players could walk into and instantly be transported to the world or mini-games of their choice.

This building was a collaboration between many admins and even had input from visitors.

Features included walls throughout displaying various ranks and top players, the addition of a birthday board, Redstone 'gate' examples, and a dragon head featuring the Dragon Eggs from past Ender Dragon Fights.

You can TP to this spawn by doing /warp spawn2

Spawn 3
2015 - 2016

Still, in the Lobby world, this new spawn returned to the village feel of the original.

Returning to this Spawn was the lodge on the mountain, the floating Welcome sign floating high in the center of the village, and the warp room.

Many new builds were carried over from the new Peaceful World into this new spawn, including the bank, post office, party room, and giant new Quartz Hotel.

Additions added since then include the library, Patreon Monument and T.A.R.D.I.S. which is now the home to our player headwalls where our ranks and P.O.T.W.

You can TP to this spawn by doing /warp spawn3

Spawn 4 
Spawn of Autcraft from 2016 - 2019

With the upgrade to 1.9 and the addition of several new block types as well as the Elytra, a new spawn was introduced to feature these changes as well as to correct some issues that we had with the previous spawn.

This spawn's key feature is a reduced overall size especially directly around the primary /spawn area so that players with a render distance of 4 could find the important areas immediately.
Another key feature is the inclusion of launching platforms from several key areas allowing for players to "spread their wings" and soar around with the use of their Elytra wings.
Also, areas were consolidated, meaning that the world portals were no longer spread out in four different places. Now all world portals are in one place, all mini-games in one place, the bank and shops are in one place, and so forth.

Speaking of shops, the general store was replaced with a market in which the ShopKeeper plugin made it so that players could trade emeralds for items they wanted much as you do in vanilla Minecraft.

Buildings that returned from the previous spawn included The Lodge, The T.A.R.D.I.S., the Patreon Monument, and the Town Hall.

You can TP to the spawn by typing /warp spawn4

Spawn 5
Spawn of Autcraft from 2019 - 2022

When Autcraft updated to 1.14, the spawn was changed to fit with the underwater theme of 1.13, and with a pillager outpost to fit with 1.14. Most of the major things like the World Portals and Minigames were moved to underwater bubble-like structures. This new spawn also gave everyone the ability to use /fly, regardless of their rank. 

The Lodge, Bank, Town Hall, and Shops were absent from this spawn, however returning buildings were The Patreon Monument, which was designed by MagicLentilSoup, and the mob heads building, which only contained shiny heads. The TARDIS was replaced by a portal, however, the inside remained the same. New builds included but were not limited to Patreon House, Lost and Found, a birthday island, and update-specific items (Think Pillager Outpost, Coral reefs underwater).

Throwing a trident outside of the spawn border is not recommended as sometimes they may not come back, even if it has Loyalty, resulting in you losing your trident.  

In June 2020, to celebrate Pride Month, a rainbow version was created and had many different themes as you came and went.

Spawn 6
Spawn of Autcraft from 2022 - present day

Soon after Autcraft updated to 1.18, a new spawn was created to highlight many of the new features that had been added to the game since the previous spawn was built. A perfect location was found to showcase both the new caves and cliffs, with a beautiful valley in the center. 

Spawn 6 is Autcraft's largest spawn to date, which allows room for more exciting builds. The spawn point is set on a large tower in the center of the valley, from where players can see the most commonly used locations. A brand new Transportation Station was built to house world portals and warp buttons to every world on Autcraft. The Info Center was created as a place to quickly find answers to common questions about gameplay. Lost and Found, TAO, the Jobs Centre, Birthday Island, and the Shiny Room are all located in the main area on this side of Spawn. The Shops and Trades area is on the other side of the mountain through a tunnel. Along the snowy peaks to the south of Spawn, the Lodge has returned, as well as the TARDIS, a boat skating rink, and other fun builds to discover. 

A new feature at this spawn is The Tour Coaster. This ride was developed as a way to give new players an overview of Autcraft where there isn't anyone available to provide a personal tour.