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Autcraft Creative


Autcraft's Creative server, dubbed ACC, launched on December 18th, 2017. The Creative server is powered primarily using the PlotSquared plugin and includes WorldEdit.

The addition of Autcraft Creative also includes the introduction of the system in which the Survival and Creative servers are separate machines but tethered together to provide players a way to travel back and forth between the two without disconnecting.

The server was promised early in 2017 should AutismFather's Patreon page reach $2000/m. This milestone was reached in June 2017 and work on the server began. There were several delays however including some missing features in PlotSquared and the new Amp software, the replacement to McMyAdmin 2, was not yet complete enough to use. Also in that time, the Autcraft survival server was reaching its limits on hard drive space and required a server move, leaving the original server free to put Creative on.

Getting Started
You get access to the Creative server by first going onto Autcraft like normal and then either going through the Creative server portal or by entering the command /server creative.

When you join the ACC server, you find yourself at spawn with two books in your inventory which will explain the basics on using the server. This spawn is in a separate world from the plots world where you will have access to land and building tools.

To begin, use the command /plot auto to claim your first plot on which to build. You can also go to an empty plot and claim it by entering the command /plot claim.

Players with the Autcrafter rank get 1 plot, Iron and Gold get 2 plots, and Diamond and Patreon get 4 plots. Patreons also get access to some extra WorldEdit commands (brushes).

Extra plots and creative commands can be purchased using points at the Autcraft Shop.

Need to Know
Some commonly asked questions can be found here. Check these before asking an admin.

  • Deleting a Plot
    • You can not delete your plot. Unfortunately this can cause glitches in the plots so this has been disabled for players. We encourage players to reuse a plot by clearing it (/plot clear) and starting over. If you absolutely must delete it, do a /modreq and an admin will perform this action for you.
  • Difference between Add and Trust
    • Add - Player can only build on your plot while you are online
    • Trust - Player can build on your plot any time as well as use world edit anywhere on your plot
  • Deny a Player Entry
    • /plot deny - This will lock a player out of your plot.
    • /ignore - Just like on Autcraft, you can use the ignore command.
  • Changing More Plot Settings
    • /plot flag set gamemode <gamemode> - This changes the gamemode of the plot.
    • /plot flag set time <ticks> - This sets the time of the plot. For example: 0 is dawn, 6000 is noon/midday, 12000 is sunset, 18000 is midnight.
  • Merging Plots
    • If you have multiple plots next to each other, you may want to merge the plots into one bigger plot. To do this:
      • Stand in one of your plots that you want to merge
      • Look into the plot that you want to merge with the plot you are standing in
      • Type the command /p merge - This will remove the road between the two plots, and merge them into one bigger plot.
  • Useful Tip
    • Some players may have their plot set to be in survival mode which means when you fly into the plot you may die from fall damage. One thing you can do to help is wear an elytra and when your change gamemode activate it to fall slowly to the ground.