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Disguising became available on Autcraft in the RP World on March 18th, 2020.
The feature is provided by the plugin LibsDisguises.

  • Disguise
    • You can disguise as any mob or animal with the command:
      • /disguise <mob>
    • Disguise Options
      • You can add extra options such as a type, puffstate, display name and more by starting to type 'set' after the name and choosing the appropriate option from the drop down. Some examples:
        • setPuffState
        • setCustomName
        • setGlowing
      • Example: /disg cat setCustomName Snowball
    • Blocks
      • You can disguise as a block using the following command:
        • /disguise Falling_Block setBlock <BLOCK>
  • Undiguise
    • You can undisguise at any time by typing in the command
      • /undisguise