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Lag is usually considered to be choppiness or stuttering or when items don't break/appear when they should in game. This is generally an over simplification of many possible factors and symptoms.

Types of Lag

  • TPS, or Ticks Per Second
    • The time interval by which Minecraft schedules events. An optimally running server will run at or around 20 TPS.
    • A server that drops below 15 TPS will begin to visually "stutter," most noticeably in the sun and moon as they literally bounce backwards a few pixels every few seconds.
    • When a server drops below 10 TPS, you will begin to see mobs freeze in their tracks and then randomly appear elsewhere, making for some tragic creeper encounters. This can also cause chunks to not load for some time.
    • The TPS can drop when a lot is happening on the server, whether it be a lot of players on, a lot of mobs being loaded into memory, redstone circuits running continuously in several locations, a high number of particles or entities being loaded at once and many other instances where basically higher than average numbers of events happen on the server than normal. Another reason is that the java edition is single threaded.
  • Ping 
    • A term for the amount of time that it takes to send and receive a signal from your computer to the server. It is named after the Sonar Ping in which submarines send out a "ping" sound into the water to gather information about other objects in the water.
    • A high server ping, meaning it takes a longer time to send and receiver data, can result in "Internet Lag." This is quite literally where the server is doing work that you aren't seeing for quite some time because it takes a while for it to get to your computer to show you what happened.
    • A high ping is usually caused by a slow Internet connection. This can be between you and your ISP, you and the server or the connection from the server to your computer (yes, the data can take a different path back sometimes). Sometimes it can even be as simple as your computer's connection to your router, in which case, restarting your router may be all you need to do to fix it.
  • FPS, or Frames Per Second
    • The measurement of the number of individual frames of video motion that you see for ever second of time. The more frames you see each second, the more "smooth" transitions will appear.
    • At around 60 FPS, most video or game motion will look smooth and crisp. Below that, 24 to 32, it still looks presentable but not as crisp. Anything below 24 FPS and movements begin to look choppy and jagged.
    • A low FPS is usually caused by the player's computer either running too many applications or not having enough power, such as ram, CPU or graphics card power. The java edition will get 1/4-1/8 the FPS of bedrock editions most of the time.

What can I do?
Log out, close your game completely, then re-open it and log back into Autcraft, as this may help. Also, restart your router (if applicable.)

For the future, install the Optifine mod to choose Minecraft settings that will help reduce the resources your computer needs to run your game. Optifine should only be downloaded at and includes a self-installer for Windows and Mac. No mod loader is needed to use Optifine, at this time.