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The Cursed Admins


The Cursed Admins were introduced on Autcraft's 7th birthday, June 23, 2020. Teasers leading up to the day included darkened screenshots of the Cursed Admins with the number 7, the letters AC and then a mirror image of the number and letters beside it. The 7, meaning the 7th birthday as well as the 7 Cursed Admins, and the AC meaning Autcraft while the CA meaning Cursed Admins. Included was a new logo that was flipped horizontally, along with the 7 over it, and glitched or distorted.

Earlier in the week, the Do Not Press button at Spawn asked the question "Have you ever wondered who has been sending the Wither armies?"

As three Wither Fights took place on the 7th birthday, broadcast told the story of how the armies came, then the kings, then the stronger kings, who were the generals, and finally the bosses who sent them, the Cursed Admins. These Cursed Admins are from another dimension, admins of another server, mirrored to Autcraft, who have crossed over to take over Autcraft. Autcraft's only protection being the players.

The Cursed Admins
The Cursed Admins, being server admins, each have a unique particle effect, base health and strength, and admin-like special ability.
  • Cursed AutismFather
    • Added June 23rd, 2020
    • Cursed AutismFather is surrounded by the "Angry Villager" particles, holds a Diamond Block, has 550 health, and casts smite/lightning on any player that gets too close.
  • Cursed Farockz
    • Added June 23, 2020
    • Cursed Farockz is surrounded by the "Item Snowball" particles, holds a snowball, has 450 health, and drops explosive snowballs on any player that gets too close.
  • Cursed LadyCath
    • Added ?
    • Cursed LadyCath is surrounded by "Purple" Particles, hold a cake in her left hand, and an enchanted diamond sword (unknown enchantments) in her right, has 450 health, and summons cake-eating metal things to bite any player that gets too close.
    • player that gets too close to her and traps them there for 5 seconds.
  • Cursed ZEDDY1977
    • Added January 11, 2022
    • Cursed ZEDDY1977 is surrounded by red "Dust" particles, holds an exposed copper block, has 450 health and spawns in 4 phantoms that are glowing, speed boosted and half size, every 6 seconds

Each Cursed Admin drops its Cursed Head, some rotten flesh, and occasionally their sword, or boots, or the item in their off-hand. Not getting the head? The heads dropping arent a 100% and sometimes you may not get them, along with that some admins like Cursed Farockz have explosive damage attached to their abilities and may destroy the item. Subsequently, after it drops, a wither might also blow up the Cursed Admin Head.

Cursed Admin Heads
Cursed Admin Heads are mob heads dropped from Cursed Admins. To date, there have been only 9 Available Cursed Admin heads.
  • Cursed Jasdin Head
  • Cursed Farockz Head
  • Cursed AutismFather Head
  • Cursed AutismPastaLover Head
  • Cursed bb1201 Head
  • Cursed Jasdin Head
  • Cursed JustBlue333 Head
  • Cursed Buddy4999 Head
  • Cursed LadyCath Head
  • Cursed ZEDDY1977 Head

The Cursed Admins were Released on June 23rd, 2020 as said above. The addition was first met with the regular admin heads for June (PRIDE Heads) and later added the special Cursed Admin Heads. The original admins released with the cursed admins were: Saidy, JustBlue333, Jasdin, bb1201, AutismFather, Farockz, and AutismPastaLover. The first Cursed Admin Removed was AutismPastaLover for a short break between summer and fall and returning to a cursed admin boss around October-November 2020. The First New Cursed Admin was Buddy4999 around December 2020. Cursed AutismPastaLover, Cursed bb1201, Cursed Buddy4999, Cursed Jasdin, and Cursed JustBlue last appeared on 4/17/2021.