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Admin is the highest rank within Autcraft. They are responsible for maintaining both the community, the forums, and the Minecraft server. Even though admins are like me and you, if they don't reply to you the likely chance is they are busy with "Admin stuff."

Admins have access to all commands on the server.


  • Resolving mod requests that players have posted (e.g. build protection, item problems, griefing)
  • Using WorldGuard to protect a player's build from griefing
  • Resolving issues like another player griefing someone's property whilst keeping the situation under control.
  • Keeping a calm atmosphere within the community, on the forums, and on the Minecraft server.
  • Resolving general disputes and acting accordingly
  • Gathering with other admins to discuss the future of Autcraft (who the next Player of the week will be, promotions, implementing new features or general server maintenance).

Current Admins