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Role Play World


Role Play Worlds is a place for players to explore, roleplay, and have fun. Locations in the RP world are listed below:

  • Ponyville
    • Fans of My Little Pony will enjoy Ponyville, a recreation of the town in which the most recent incarnation of the cartoon takes place.
  • 1890's School
    • A massive building created in the style of an 1890's school, players can create the perfect school like stories in a huge and impressive school environment.
  • Castle
    • Kings and Queens never lived so well in our Templar inspired castle. Complete with hidden passageways, spiraling towers, and a massive throne room, there is no end to the stories that can be created here.
  • Cruise Ship
    • The Cruise Ship, previously called Oasis, is exactly as it sounds, a cruise ship. It's built to scale, where one end of the ship is beyond the render distance of the other end. If you're not careful, you might even get lost inside the ship.
  • Wonderland
    • Set to the theme of Alice in Wonderland, you can explore the Queen of Heart's castle, the hedge maze and see all your favorite characters as you roleplay your own wacky adventures.
  • Pokemon Island
    • Visit the land of the Pokemon creatures and role play until you catch them all!
  • Baseball Stadium
    • America's Pass time some might say, come on over to experience the baseball fun by going on the field or the stadium with stylized stations.
  • Hogwarts
    • Hogwarts what? Watch out for invisible castles if you have no powers but ones that do will explore the castle of ghosts, swamps, and magical delight. Watch out! Under Construction!
  • The Watch
    • A Castle with a village inside to protect Autcraft, A special wither fight location long ago no longer used as such.
  • Ice Rink
    • A place to skate around with boats and ice to fly around.
  • Rocket
    • Blast off to the sky with the fancy rocket to get to the planet of Mars or to the Moon!
  • Military Base
    • A Base for cool tanks and fancy jets!
  • Village Of Boos
    • A warp to the off time of the year to get to VOB.
  • Land Of Giants
    • A Land of giant statues of mobs and of giant blocks.

Other Features
  • Elytra Hunt
    • Look around Rp world for golden blocks with hints for the next to get to a puzzle to get an elytra at Rp world.
  • Disguises
    • All players have access to /disg here with mobs so they can enhance their role-playing.¬†