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Sometimes the admins are busy or there isn't an admin on when you need them. To take care of this, we've implemented a "support ticket" system called '''Modreq'''. “Modreq” is an abbreviation for moderator (admin) request (objective your require help with).

At any time, whether admins are online or not, you can create a ''modreq'' indicating to admins that you need them for something. 

Create a Modreq
Command: /modreq <your message here>

Example: /modreq please protect my home

It's important to remember that you must make your ''modreq'' in the place that you need the request done. For example, if you need a house protected, make the request in that house. Admins teleport directly to the location in which the ''modreq'' was created so it needs to be created where the work needs to be done.

View your Modreqs
Command: /status

This command will give you a list of all ''modreqs'' that you have created by their ID numbers.

View a Modreq
Command: /status <#>

By entering a specific ID number after the status command, you can view the details of that ''modreq'' including admin's actions and comments.
Note: You can only view the status of a ''modreq'' you submitted.

Comment on a Modreq
Command: /comment <#> <message>

Example: /comment 1234 write the comment here

In some cases, you may want to add more information to your modreq, or perhaps there wasn't enough room on the command line to include all of the information you wanted.

By entering the comment command followed by the ID number of the ''modreq'', you can then place an additional comment after, providing the admins with all of the information they need.
Note: You can only comment on a ''modreq'' you submitted.

Close a Modreq
Command: /done <#> <message>

Example: /done 1234 the problem has been fixed

Sometimes you might want to close a Modreq, such as if you created one by mistake or you no longer need help.

By using the done command followed by the ID number of the Modreq, you can close the Modreq immediately, even if Admin haven't replied yet.
Note: A Closed Modreq can't usually be re-opened later. If you need to re-open a Modreq, it may be easier to create a new one.

How Long Until a Modreq Is Completed
Admins do modreqs in the order they receive them and can take up to 1-2 days to complete. We thank you in advance for your patience. 

Have a Question About Your Modreq?
Please check the status of your modreq before asking an admin.