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Region Members


Region members are players you allow to build/place/break or otherwise move blocks and items in your protected region. 

Choosing Members
Members should be players you like, know well and trust. 

Member Limit
Each region may have one owner and up to 6 members. 

Add A Member
Stand in the region you own and want them to be a member of, then modreq for an admin to add the player to your region. You must provide the full and correct username of the player, at that time.

Remove A Member
Stand in the region you own where they are member and modreq for an admin to remove them from your region's member list.
Note: You must allow the member to remove their items first, before removing their membership. If this is proving difficult, please alert an admin and we will assist you.

Listing Members
To list members in your protection, type /rg info while in the protection