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Griefing is the breaking and/or taking of any item or block placed by another player without the owner's permission; or the placing of items/blocks inside or on the builds of others without their permission. 

Examples include but are not limited to:
  • Removing items from a chest you did not place without the owner's permission
  • Removing items from an item frame without the owner's permission
  • Breaking walls or beacons made by others without the builder's/owner's permission
  • Placing signs on or in a build without the builder's/owner's permission
  • Placing a lockette sign on a chest without the person who placed the chest's permission
  • Placing  lava, water, a piston or lever in a position to do any of the above or make it so the area cannot be accessed by the owner 

If This Happens to You
Take a deep breath, then modreq where it happened, telling an admin what you believe is missing or damaged. We will check the history of the area and replace/repair what is needed. 

What To Do If You Grief Accidentally
Modreq, standing where it happened, if you cannot repair the damage yourself. 

Consequences of Griefing
If there was no modreq to repair an accidental griefing by you, items taken will be removed from your inventory and you will be mailed with a warning on the first griefing; jailed for 24 hours on the second. If griefing continues, admins will assess your history and discuss a longer jail time, possible temporary ban, or removal from the whitelist until your parents are contacted and respond. If you are an adult, you risk a longer jail time or removal from the whitelist, until we feel you understand the rules and will no longer grief. 

Region Members of your region cannot technically grief it. They are people you have asked to live with you, because you trust them. It is up to you to choose your members wisely, make sure they understand what you will and won't allow to be done in your region, and to modreq for their removal as a member from your region, if they do not respect your wishes. If items are missing or placed in your protected region, this normally means a member of your region has removed or placed an item. Please ask for the items to be returned or removed by your members before alerting an admin, in this situation.