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Wither Fights


Wither Fights are an event that Autcraft Admins hosts on the server from time to time. You never know when one may happen.

Wither Fights grew over time to include Giants (huge zombies) and expanded even further to include just about every mob there is in the game, including bizarre combinations of mobs such as witches riding bats and evokers riding sheep.

Wither Fights first started taking place on the server back on August 17th, 2013. These fights took place in a secluded location within the world where no damage would be done to surrounding builds. The area was then regenerated using WorldEdit to be used once again at another time. Players had so much fun that it became a regular, yet unscheduled event on the server.

Wither Fights happen a few times per day, often one did after POTW (After 4 pm EST), and some are hosted throughout the day for different time zones. 

Wither World
This world is the host of all wither fights with each wither arena to be summoned into the straight-ahead arena. Players gather, collect food, and prepare for the wither fight about to happen with bows and arrows and chicken.

Currently, there is the main arena where all arenas are hosted and three side arenas where the Dry Glutch is Located (A wither Arena), and an old Sand Arena (unused).
There are also solo arenas if you want to host your own wither fight.

Since the creation of Autcraft's new worlds in 2014, Wither Fights have been contained primarily within special arenas created by the admin where damage is either minimal or can be easily rolled back (fixed) so that the next Wither Fight can be started at a moment's notice.
  • Bedrock Arena
    • Created by AutismFather, the bedrock arena originally was placed at the top of the nether but was then moved to the wither world where it is still to this day. This bedrock arena had walls, a floor, and a ceiling consisting primarily of bedrock.
    • However, the ceiling and floor also had glowstone (later replaced with Sea Lanterns) randomly placed throughout to provide light. It was a bonus effect that these lights would be destroyed throughout the battle causing a dimming/darkness that grew throughout the fight.
  • Castle Arena
    • The Castle Arena is a big wooded castle centralized in the wither arena and small 1.12 village houses in birch wood. This arena was one of the first stylized wither fights to a specific theme.
  • Desert Arena
    • Currently, this arena is not used often in the wither fights, this arena has a unique temple in the middle with 1.12 sandstone houses.
  • Nether Arena ( Old )
    • A wither arena in the nether, placed over a lava pool, fight mobs on a nether fortress with small bits of netherrack on the sides to fight. [Discontinued]
  • Ocean Arena
    • The Ocean wither arena has 2 guardian temples, stylized artwork like fish, a chest with coral, crabs, light towers, and a boat. Inside this arena, you will have a fun time with water mobs in the water or flying mobs in the sky.
  • Ocean (Ice) Arena
    • The Ocean Ice arena is very similar to the Ocean Arena but is themed with ice and snow decorations.
  • Winter Arena
    • The Winter Arena is an arena made by the Autcraft Helpers and has many stylized penguins in the clothing and manner of helpers, a big ice mountain in the middle with an 'evil' cookie monster(Maybe?) with other cozy houses and camping setups. There is an icy river surrounding the ice mountain and an ice skating rink. The train station has many penguin workers helping keep the train up to schedule. You can see the train boarding the station soon coming from the dark tunnel to the right of the entrance. Snowy trees can be seen around the arena to make a wintery feel.
  • Mesa Arena
    • This arena was also known as The Dry Gulch is an old wild-west inspired town in the mesa biome which was made at the same time as the minigames Dry Gulch maps. 
  • VOB (Village of Boos) Arena
    • An arena centered around Halloween was created in 2019 was made by admins, sr helpers, and helpers and has the Spooky Haunted House, a Graveyard, a giant pumpkin, a bone structure, a forest, a lava pool, and some pixel arts. This arena is used sometimes but more often around the Spooky season of October but can be used throughout the whole year.
  • The Forest Arena
    • The arena of tranquility and peace decorated with customer trees, mushroom houses, butterflies, and many flowers and rainbows. Visit this peaceful place during the rampaging wither fight of withers and destruction. Made around the Spring of 2020
  • Mars Arena
    • Made as an arena for an out-of-this-world experience you fly around with jump boost and slow falling giving a low gravity feel with rockets ready to head back to earth and a dome city for survival and protection. Don't explore too far or you may get stolen by aliens investigating crash sites and a mysterious cave system and camp sight. Powered by Solar Power. Made in Spring 2020 and Revealed on Autcraft's 7th Birthday
  • Mars With Magnets (Normal Gravity) Arena
    • Very Similar to the Normal Mars map this map is housed with magnets under the ground to stick to all materials requiring the same gravity as earth. The landscape is less explorable but the same as the other.
  • Valentines Arena
    • An arena from valentines day with hearts, Ferris wheels, bears, costume trees,  and a pinky and white backdrop. Added on 2/13/2021.
  • Nether Arena (1.16)
    • Fight amongst the 5 nether biomes, a bastion, and a nether fortress. In each biome it is specialized per the arena to fit and is custom made by the Patreon Build Team.
  • Solo Arenas
    • These small areas are open to players to build and create custom arenas along with fight withers on their own, these arenas are cylindrical shapes and anyone is allowed to place a wither here since it is made out of bedrock. There are 4 different areas, 3 of which are the same and one has bedrock structures to hide behind and make a more unique fight.
Special Locations
A few Wither Fights have taken place in locations other than the designated areas. These special fights are very rare but the destruction they cause can be so much fun.
  • Withers At The Watch
    • As the older world of 2013 was coming to a close, we held a special Wither Fight on December 24th, 2013 within The Watch.
    • This fight can be viewed on YouTube.
  • The End
    • The end, the home of the Ender Dragon and brought in with withers as reinforcements and eventually Cursed Admins this land was the banished land to endermen and the Ender Dragon until the Dragon Fights happened which left the worlds open to attacks from withers and more dragons from time to time, Eventually, new mobs from ancient lands arrived to defeat the invaders, but more and more came including mobs one called 'The Ragecraft Mobs'
  • Christmas Party 2020
    • One night a smaller than normal wither arena was made, it was a small party for the night hosted by JustBlue333, the arena was Christmas-themed with presents, a big Christmas tree, and some pixel arts and penguins.
  • Overlord_Krycis's Castle
    • Overlord_Krycis sacrificed his castle to a swarm of Withers on January 24th, 2014.
    • This fight can be viewed on YouTube.

Not all Wither Fights have been recorded but AutismFather began recording quite a few of them to not only document the occasions but to also give the players the chance to see themselves on YouTube.
Along the way, many special occasions were also recorded including Wither Fights in unique locations.

The entire playlist of videos can be viewed on YouTube.