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Sign Codes


Special codes can be used to change the appearance of signs

About Signs

Signs can be crafted using any wood type. Six matching planks and one stick will craft 3 signs. Each sign can display four lines of text. Each line has a width limit, however due to varying character length, there is no set number of characters that can be used on each line. For example, "O" is wider than "I." 

Sign Uses

Signs can be used in many ways. They can label the contents of containers, display ownership of items or builds, or be used with the /lockette command. 

Changing Sign Appearance

Players can easily change the color of sign text by tapping the sign while holding dye. Another way to change appearance is by using special codes. There are a variety of codes that can be added to signs to change their appearance. These codes affect the color and formatting of the text. The color code must come before the format code. 

Color Codes

  • &0 - Black
  • &1 - Dark Blue
  • &2 - Dark Green
  • &3 - Dark Aqua
  • &4 - Dark Red
  • &5 - Dark Purple
  • &6 - Gold
  • &7 - Gray
  • &8 - Dark Gray
  • &9 - Blue
  • &a - Green
  • &b - Aqua
  • &c - Red
  • &d - Light Purple
  • &e - Yellow
  • &f - White

Format Codes

  • &l Bold
  • &m Strike
  • &n Underline
  • &o Italic
  • &r Reset (removes formatting)

How to Use Sign Codes

As a reminder, color codes must come before format codes. There does not need to be a space between the code and the text. Here are some examples:


You can use a different color for each line of text!

Or each letter!



We can make words BOLD or italic

We can also change the glow color

Tap the sign with glow ink. A white glowing outline will appear.

Then tap the sign with dye. The color formatting will remain, but the glowing outline will now appear in the selected color.