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Shiny Heads


Shiny Heads, based on Shiny Pokemon, are heads with a different color. When they are dropped, you will hear a firework, see Villager Happy particles, and you will get an in-game message. They were released on August 21st,  2017, the original being Shiny Creeper.
Shinies are either discovered by players or released for events, like our Christmas event.
Many shinies were discovered during 2020's Shiny Month In May!
Shinies are very hard to get, but you can increase your luck by adding Looting III to your sword.

Spawn Shiny Room
To see the complete list of shinies discovered, head to the shiny room at spawn

Shiny Collections
Many players on Autcraft have collections of their shiny heads, some like to store them all in one spot and show it off to others on their achievement and great time spent collecting their shinies. 

Shiny Chances
Currently, Shiny Chances are not publicly available but do make it known that some mobs have a higher percentage on the shiny.

The way shinies work is the mob gets the random chance to drop ahead, if it does it rolls a second chance to see if it gets a shiny, if it lands on a normal head, it gets a normal head, if it lands on a shiny, you get a shiny, No one knows the exact values so it is quite hard to predict. 

Shiny Chances Increase
There have been several instances where shiny chances were increased, some permanent, some were event-themed. These are Fun but Rare events and asking for more will lead to less of them happening. Most notably:

  • October 15th - Nov 1st, 2018 Shiny Skeleton Increased For Halloween
  • Around August 16th, 2019 - Now, Shinies Increased Chances in the wild.
  • The Month Of May 2020, Shinies All around increased significantly for a month.
  • June 23rd, 2020 - June 23rd, 2020, Autcraft's Birthday Shiny Increased by a ton.
  • December 19th, 2020 - January 1st, 2021, Shinies Increased for holidays.
  • May 2021- Shiny odds were increased exponentially for the month of May.
  • Small Few Day Events here and there.
  • January 2022- Shiny odds were Slightly Increased due to the Head Plugin Rewrite as looting now works as intended.

The List Of Current Shinies 
Note: This list is not kept up to date often and may be incorrect, it is in chronological order with possible minor errors

  • Shiny Creeper
  • Shiny Cow
  • Shiny Zombie
  • Shiny Slime
  • Shiny Snowman
  • Shiny Enderman
  • Shiny Ghast
  • Shiny Wither Skeleton
  • Shiny Spider
  • Shiny Skeleton
  • Shiny Guardian
  • Shiny Magma Cube
  • Shiny Polar Bear
  • Shiny Bat
  • Shiny Zombie Pigman (Not Zombified Piglin)
  • Shiny Iron Golem
  • Shiny Husk
  • Shiny Pig
  • Shiny jeb_Sheep
  • Shiny Stray
  • Shiny Villager (1.12)
  • Shiny Wolf
  • Shiny Brown Llama
  • Shiny Gray Llama
  • Shiny Cream Llama
  • Shiny White Llama
  • Shiny Squid
  • Shiny Turtle
  • Shiny Phantom
  • Shiny Chicken
  • Shiny Charged Creeper
  • Shiny Wandering Trader
  • Shiny Drowned
  • Shiny Skeleton Horse
  • Shiny Pufferfish
  • Shiny Dolphin
  • Shiny Blaze
  • Shiny Illusioner
  • Shiny Weak Panda
  • Shiny Panda
  • Shiny Lazy Panda
  • Shiny Worried Panda
  • Shiny Playful Panda
  • Shiny Brown Panda
  • Shiny Aggressive Panda
  • Shiny Vex
  • Shiny Ravenger
  • Shiny Bee
  • Shiny Salmon
  • Shiny Witch
  • Shiny jeb_ Panda
  • Shiny Red Mooshroom
  • Shiny Fox
  • Shiny Cod
  • Shiny Evoker
  • Shiny Brown Mooshroom
  • Shiny Arctic Fox
  • Shiny Killer Bunny
  • Shiny Zombie Horse
  • Shiny Strider
  • Shiny Ragdoll Cat
  • Shiny Black Cat
  • Shiny British Short Hair Cat
  • Shiny Persian Cat
  • Shiny White Cat
  • Shiny Siamese Cat
  • Shiny Tabby Cat
  • Shiny Jellie Cat
  • Shiny Calico Colors
  • Shiny Red Cat
  • Shiny Ocelot
  • Shiny Zoglin
  • Shiny Yellow Sheep
  • Shiny White Sheep
  • Shiny Red Sheep
  • Shiny Blue Sheep
  • Shiny Purple Sheep
  • Shiny Black Sheep
  • Shiny Light Blue Sheep
  • Shiny Orange Sheep
  • Shiny Zombified Piglin
  • Shiny Silverfish
  • Shiny Giant
  • Shiny Piglin Brute
  • Shiny Piglin
  • Shiny Green Parrot
  • Shiny Blue Parrot
  • Shiny Goat
  • Shiny Cave Spider
  • Shiny Glow Squid
  • Shiny Leucistic/Pink Axolotl
  • Shiny Gold Axolotl
  • Shiny Cyan Axolotl 
  • Shiny Wild/Brown Axolotl 
  • Shiny Blue Axolotl 
  • Shiny Elder Guardian 
  • Shiny Goat Screaming 
  • Shiny Red Parrot 
  • Shiny Endermite 
  • Shiny Cold Strider
  • Shiny Hoglin
  • Shiny Angry Bee
  • Shiny Gray Sheep
  • Shiny Green Sheep
  • Shiny Pink Sheep
  • Shiny Lime Sheep
  • Shiny Cyan Sheep
  • Shiny Light Gray Sheep
  • Shiny Brown Sheep
  • Shiny Magenta Sheep
  • Shiny Creamy Trader Llama
  • Shiny Pillager
  • Shiny White Trader Llama
  • Shiny Gray Horse
  • Shiny White Horse
  • Shiny Chestnut Horse
  • Shiny Creamy Horse
  • Shiny Black Horse
  • Shiny Dark Brown Horse
  • Shiny Brown Horse
  • Shiny Charging Vex
  • Shiny Brown Trader Llama
  • Shiny Gray Trader Llama
  • Shiny Black Rabbit
  • Shiny Toast Rabbit
  • Shiny Gold Rabbit
  • Shiny White Rabbit
  • Shiny Salt and Pepper Rabbit
  • Shiny Brown Rabbit
  • Shiny Black and White Rabbit
  • Shiny Temperate Frog
  • Shiny Verdant (Cold) Frog
  • Shiny Pearlescent (Warm) Frog
  • Shiny jeb_ Cat
  • Shiny Allay
  • More To Come!