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YouTube Rank


YouTube Rank is a rank on Autcraft given to players who have qualifying YouTube or Twitch pages and wish to promote their videos or livestreams in chat.

How do I get YouTube Rank?
To get YouTube rank you have to have done:

  • At least 2 Minecraft videos (these do not have to be on Autcraft)
  • New uploads regularly
  • Family-friendly content; no words you cannot use on Autcraft, no scary, trolling, mean, or dare videos, no nudity, no discussion or mentions of topics that are inappropriate for young children
  • No uploaded videos with games not approved for all ages
  • You must have a Nameless account (so we can keep track of our YouTubers!)

Will I get the YouTube tag on

Will I get the YouTube Rank on the Autcraft Server?
Yes, an Admin will give you the Rank.

Do I get more commands with YouTube Rank?
No, the rank just shows that you do YouTube and allows you to post links to your YouTube channel, your videos, and your livestreams, in chat.

Where can I apply?
You can apply >Here<