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Autcrafter is the first rank a player receives when joining Autcraft.


  • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn/main hub.
  • /home [home name] - teleports you to your home with that name.
  • /Sethome [name for home] - sets a home with that name.
  • /Delhome [home name] - deletes your home set with that name.
  • /Modreq - Fills a request for admins to get to; for example protecting your home/expanding protection/asking for help over lost protected house etc.
  • /Helpop - gets the attention of online staff members, '''only use in an emergency'''.
  • /Help -gives a list of other useful commands.
  • /Warp [Location] - teleport to a location, e.g: the build worlds building.
  • /splitchat - splits chat up with dashes, or a symbol of your choice) between each line of chat (these can be coloured).
  • /channel create <name> - create a new chat channel. 
  • /channel join <name> - join an existing chat channel. 
  • /channel leave - leave the current channel you are currently in.
  • /channel who - see which players are in a channel.
  • /ach highlight <colour code> - changes what colour your username is when said in chat, e.g: <Autcrafter> SomeUsername1: Hi <span style='color:#239edd'>YourName</span> (YourName will be in whatever colour you choose)
  • /msg <player> (message) - sends the player a message, which only that player, and admins can see.
  • /r (message) - sends a message to the last player you sent or received a message from.
  • /mail send <player> (message) - sends a player, who can be online or offline a message or "mail" which they can view by doing /mail read.
  • /mail read - lists all the mail you have.
  • /tpa <player> - sends a teleport request to teleport to another player's location.
  • /Tpahere <player> sends a request for another player to teleport to you.
  • /Tpaccept - accepts a tp request.
  • /Tpdeny - denies a tp request.