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Optifine is a mod that helps players with fps, rendering, and additional add-ons.

How To Install Optifine

Note: Autcraft is not responsible for the actions and creations of Optifine. Download and install and use at players discretion advised. Please have adult supervision when downloading or installing.
  • Go to Optifine Downloads. From here you want to click the (Mirror) Button next to the download button.
  • Click the middle Download Button in Navy Blue Color. Don't Click the Ads
  • You might get a warning saying "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep Optifine_1.xx.x_HD...jar anyway?" Choose "Keep." This is a standard warning with any .jar file.
  • Double Click the file if you are on chrome and it shows in the bottom left corner or go to your Downloads folder and double click it there.
  • Click Install to put it on Vanilla Minecraft, Click Extract for Fabric (See Below, Red For Vanilla, Blue For Fabric
  • Error: If you get this error ( See Below ) You want to go to your Minecraft Launcher, "Installations" (+) New... (Select Version) and click create, After, Try installing again.
  • After installing you might have to reload currently running Minecraft installations and the launcher to get it to show. If it does not show after successful install, click "Installations" (+) New... "Versions" and scroll till you see "release 1.xx.x-Optifine_HD_U_x"

Optifine Capes are a staple in the plugin, to get one you have to donate 10$ To optifine, We suggest it's your decision if you want to get a cape or not. ''Autcraft is not responsible for the actions and creations of Optifine, Download and installs and use at players discretion advised.

Note: Optifine Capes Must Be Autcraft Appropriate and family-friendly. Those who don't comply must change capes or remove it.

Optifine Capes can have a banner pattern on the back, a specific Optifine Logo, and different colors. To use the banners you need to copy the last part of the URL of an alternate banner-making website.

How To Change Capes
  • Have Optifine Installed And A Cape Bought
  • In Minecraft Go To Options > Skin Customization... > Optifine Cape... > Open Cape Editor > OF Website > Design:[Banner], URL [], Align, Top, Bottom

Cool Cape Designs
  • aaptptakakakaoaoao = Upside Down Face
  • aafvpiaiaDabataK = Wavey Patterns
  • aaeLkeafayasaqlDac = Space Theme
  • aahBayasaBadaCac = Cool Lines
  • paaBaBaBayasaqbt = LoliPop
  • aaaolllLlEljowowlc = Duck Face
  • paaoataGpLplagpfpA = Panda Cape
  • oabfkqlwmEaeaBasay = Rainbow Chain
  • jaoKlKkKmKpbpDpspy = Rainbow Lines 
  • jamKpcpbpDpspypGph = Pink To Blue Lines
  • hapKpvagepkh = Mountain Top
  • papehGhhphpGpzpnplhthopopthApA = Skeleton King
  • fabKbKacafaEaAaB = Butterfly Cape
  • paavlLllowlclElL = Duck 2.0
  • aaklabadckaqboltbo = Flower Cape

Optifine may not be the best option for everyone. It adds some custom features players may not like and does not give enough performance boost to be worth. Some other options similar to Optifine are: Sodium, Lithium, and Phosphor along with others on our approved mods list.