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Online Safety


Staying safe online includes protecting your mental health. There are tools available to help us avoid unnecessary stress from online bullying, harassment, general annoyance, and an over-connection to social media. Knowing how to ignore and block specific players, adjusting notification settings, and having a way to contact admins in an emergency will greatly improve your online experience.

If a player is bothering you, you have the option to stop their messages from appearing on your screen with the command /ignore <player name>.

Example: /ignore username1

You can keep the player ignored forever, or for a short amount of time to take a break.
To stop ignoring a player, use /unignore <player name>


We always have the option to deny teleport requests with /tpdeny or /tpno but if you have Patreon rank you can also set all requests to automatically deny with the command /tptoggle


Another very important command to know is /helpop <message>
This is only to be used in emergency situations when there are no staff members online.
Always check Tab to make sure there are no Helpers, Sr. Helpers, or Admins online before using this command.

/helpop can be use used to immediately contact staff to alert serious situations, such as:
  • Someone threatening the safety of you, other players, or the server
  • Someone talking about suicide or self harm in real life
  • Drama in chat that is causing stress
  • The server is malfunctioning and needs attention
Do Not use /helpop for anything that can wait, such as a question for AutismFather, or to check on a modreq.

Reminder: You must be 13+ to have a discord account. For more information about this, read about COPPA on this page.

Safe Account Practices

On Discord, you get to choose the friends and communities you talk with. A key part of making this happen is knowing how you can set up your account.

For more information, visit Four Steps to a Super Safe Account.


You are able to control notifications for entire Discord servers, as well as individual channels. To adjust settings for an entire server, head to that page and click the arrow next to the server name. Select Notification Settings and choose the options that fit your needs. 

For thread notifications, visit the thread you wish to make changes to, and click the bell icon at the top. Here you have the option to temporarily mute the thread if you need to take a break, or you can choose a long term option. 

Discord Safety Guide

Please visit Discord's Safety guide and read through everything to be sure that you are using the service as safely as possible.

Managing Comments/Blocking Users
Follow this link for directions on how to block someone from commenting on your videos and livestreams

How to hold comments from review and block specific words can be found here

YouTube also offers the ability to block other viewers in live chats on streams you are watching

Safety Information

Safety Tips from YouTube

Staying Safe as a Teen Content Creator


YouTube Notification Settings

Managing Viewers/Blocking Users

In your account settings, under Security and Privacy there are options to:
  • Block users
  • Block whispers from strangers - your friend, someone you follow, someone you subscribe to, one of your mods, or one of your editors.
  • Block the option for others to send gift subscriptions  from channels you don’t follow
  • You can change these settings here


You also have the ability to update your notification settings
Legal Information


The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act has been Federal law since 1998. It exists to restrict how websites, apps, and other online groups can collect and use children’s data. Due to these restrictions, many apps and websites do not allow children under 13 years of age to create accounts. If they are found to knowingly allow underage children to use their services, steep fines may be imposed, which have reached millions of dollars in past cases.  This is why so many websites and other online services have a minimum age requirement of 13.