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Parkour in Minecraft is defined as jumping from block to block to reach the end goal, this may be a final block, a land of riches, or just the top of a mountain.

Autcraft's Parkour
Autcraft currently has three parkour options. Dungeon, 3 Levels, and Four Elements.

Pictured: End of Dungeon Parkour
  • Dungeon Parkour
    • Built by Farockz, our dungeon parkour has 9 levels of maddening challenges. However, it's not impossible! Once you finish the entire course, post a screenshot of yourself at the end and post it to our forum. There are checkpoints placed at Each Challenge so be sure to click it to return at later points. The prize for completing Dungeon Parkour is the Parkour Sword. The sword is enchanted with Sharpness IV and Looting III. It displays the lore "Defeated the Toughest Parkour."
      • Challenge 1
        • The Bridge Has Fallen! Find a way through this tightly jumped level with falling points!
      • Challenge 2
        • The Bridge has ended! Jump for safety vines on the other side.
      • Challenge 3
        • Woah... The Treasure Room!  You See those gold blocks up on the tower? Go and get them by making diagonal jumps.
      • Challenge 4
        • Wait... That wasn't the treasure room? But you fell down? Well From Here is a sewer area to jump across with iron bar jumps and momentum jumps.
      • Challenge 5
        • Broken pipe debris scattered around, jump across and locate the exit of this level.
      • Challenge 6
        • The Rest of the tunnels are blocked! Find a way around the tunnels by slowly parkouring above the walls.
      • Challenge 7
        • Finally out of some sewers and into... a Basement? Climb against the walls and find the exit, It may not appear as the first sign!
      • Challenge 8
        • Wow just got out of that basement and suck here trying lock pick, turn around and look for another exit!
      • Challenge 9
        • Look! There is an exit with some gaps at the top! Parkour on the sides, jump from platform to platform and gain momentum at the top parkour. Once here, Screenshot it and post it to the forum.


Pictured: End of 3 Levels Parkour: Medium
  • 3 Level Parkour
    • There are 3 different levels to defeat, Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, And Advanced Level. Parkour Made By JOSHYY, A4_Papers, and Fluify.
      • Beginner 
        • Beginner jumps with the most complicated parts being basic ladders.
      • Intermediate
        • Mild Parkour jumps with the most complicated parts being basic ladders and fences.
      • Advanced
        • The hardest of the 3 parkours with the most complicated parts being hard ladders and fences.


Pictured: Nature Element Parkour
  • Four Elements Parkour
    • Autcraft's Newest Parkour! Take a screenshot at the top of each level and post on the forum to receive the Parkour Shovel. This diamond shovel is enchanted with Efficiency IV, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, and the lore "Defeated the Four Elements of Parkour."
      • Nature (Easy)
        • Jump across sea lanterns and ladders as you circle a giant tree and climb up above the topmost branches.
      • Fire (Medium)
        • Parkour over a lava sea, around and inside of a blackstone castle, and up to the top of the tallest tower to defeat this level.
      • Water (Hard)
        • Jump across sandstone slabs and over floating lanterns to reach the top of an aquarium full of fish and coral.
      • Air (Very DIfficult)
        • Climb higher and higher into the sky. Due to the difficulty of this level, there are two checkpoints.