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Paintball is a face-paced game mode with snowballs (Paintballs) and powerups like the airstrike.

Maps are locations where players can play and have fun in the game of paintball. 
  • A1
    • A neon-colored themed map, this map has colored glass with multiple barriers and running paths. Run around the darkly lit room with neon lights and don't get hit by a paintball!
  • A2
    • The circular arena with red and blue towers hide in the towers from paintballs or sneakily snipe, hide behind barriers. Colored red and blue with the team colors.
  • A3
    • The Square arena with cuboid hiding areas and platforms and in each corner a hiding spot for snipers. Jump up top for a unique shooting platform and a contested shooting platform on the other side
  • A4
    • A Cylindrical map where players jump on super jump pads, shoot in the air or shoot on the ground testing their aim to the best.
Happy Hour 
Happy hour is an hour when every powerup item is free, usually, it is chaotic with exploding snowballs, snowball launchers, and airstrikes. When a happy hour is started an admin will broadcast the start of it and a timer in the minigame will show when it ends.

How to Play
First you either type /spawn or do /warp minigame and go to the mini-game room, go down into the room, and click the button called Paintball, Once in, type /pb join and wait 5 seconds. Then you are ready to play.

In Paintball you gain a currency used to buy paintballs, powerups, and other abilities such as turrets, you gain cash by playing, eliminating players, and winning games.

In paintball there are multiple ranks, the top rank is master chief, you can see the ranks in the lobby by the armor on each player, the top rank having Lime and Green Leather Armor. Do /pb ranks in the lobby to see how many points till your next rank.

Used to gather up and rank up you can check your points by looking on the right of your screen and looking at points. The top-ranked player (IceAngels) is at 86017 points! That's a lot of points! Earn points by defeating enemies and by winning. Similar to cash but permanent and not spendable for powerups.

There are 3 teams in paintball, one of them is the Blue Team, one is the Red Team, and one is the Spectating team, you can specifically join any of these teams by doing: /pb red /pb blue /pb spec.

  • 10x Paintballs (10$)
  • 50x Paintballs (50$)
  • 100x Paintballs (100$)
  • 1x Grenade Mark 2 (15$)
  • 1x Grenade (20$)
  • 1x Concussion Nade (15$)
  • 1x Flashbang (15$)
  • 1x Mine (10$)
  • 1x Pumpgun (20$)
  • 1x Speed (20$)
  • 1x Shotgun (20$)
  • 1x Airstrike (80$)
  • 1x Orbitalstrike (80$)
  • 1x Turret (180$)
  • 1x Sniper (80$)