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Never Have I Ever


Never Have I Ever is a mini-game played on Autcraft where players jump across platforms to reach the end. NHIE Questions Must Be Family Friendly

How To Play
How you play on Autcraft is you go to the mini-game lobby, go to the pink island and select an NHIE map, and follow these directions:
  • Get a group together, and create a channel with /chan create NHIE.
  • Take turns to ask questions starting with... "Never Have I Ever..."
  • If you have never done what has been asked you move ahead one block, if you have done what is asked you stay where you are. If you fall you go to the first block and start over.
  • First Player to the end wins!
House Rules
Some players play the game a bit differently and may want to make the game different, A player who wants to do so must tell the other players before doing so. Some house rules are:
  • If You Fall, You Continue Where You Fell
  • Play Opposite (If you want to go forward only if you have done something)
  • Swap (Each Player Gets one swap turn where they can swap with another player instead of asking an "NHIE" Question. Once swapped you have no more swaps and you must move to where the person is you swapped/got swapped with.)
  • You Choose! All Rules Must Follow AC Rules
Beach NHIE: A String of Ores placed down to an end platform of Granite, Water below 
Rainbow NHIE: A Rainbow line on each dot lining up to a cloud at the end. Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, and Black Concrete below with bubble columns to get back up.