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Mob Arena


Mob Arena is a single-player or multiple player minigame where you all team up and survives again the mob attacks. At each stage, the mobs get harder and harder and you are tasked with killing them and surviving with special kits.

These kits give you specific items to help you defeat/survive the mobs, Not all the maps have the same kits so prepare for  a different kit
  • Knight - Iron Armor, A Diamond Sword, Bow, 64 Arrows, and 3 Healing Potions.
  • Mage - Flint and Steel, Wood Sword, Leather Armor, 5 Healing Potions, 160 damaging potions, 32 weakness, 48 poison potions, and a stick.
  • Tank - Diamond Armor, Iron Sword, 2 Healing Potions
  • Zerker - Diamond Armor, Stone Sword, 3 Regeneration Potions, 3 Speed potions, 1 Fire Resistance Potion, 5 Healing, 1 Strength 2, 3 strength 1 potion
  • Archer - Leather Armor, A wood Sword, A bow and 4 Stacks of Arrows, 3 Healing Potions, and a bone
  • Cleric - Gold Armor. 5 Healing Drink potions, 96 Healing Splash, 32 Fire Resistance, 32 Regeneration Splash, 16 Strength 2, 16 speed, 32 strength, 16 poison, Iron Sword.
  • Hunter - Chainmail Armor, 2 bones, a Bow and 4 Stacks Of Arrows, A stone Sword, 5 Healing Potions, 3 Swiftness potions.
  • Hermes, Athlete - Leather Armor, Iron Sword, Bow and 2 Stacks of Arrows, 16 Speed Potions, 16 Jump Potions, 16 Regen Potions.
  • Hercules, Strength - Iron Legs And Boots, Gold Chestplate, an iron sword, a Sheild, 32 Strength 2 Potions, 32 Regeneration Potions
  • Aceso, Healing - Gold Armor, A Stick, 32 Healing Potions, 32 Regeneration Potions, 16 Regeneration Potions Drinkable
  • Ares, War - Diamond Armor, Diamond Sword, Bow, 64 Arrow, A Shield
  • Artemis, Hunting - Chainmail Armor, Iron Sword, Bow, 2 stacks of arrows, 16 Damage 2 Potions, 16 Weakness Potions
  • NetherKnight - Iron Armor, Diamond Sword, Bow, 2 Stacks Of Arrows, a Milk Bucket
  • NetherTank - Diamond Armor, Diamond Sword, Bow, 2 Stacks Of Arrows, a Milk Bucket
  • NetherArcher - Leather Armor, Iron Sword, Bow, 4 Stacks Of Arrows, 3 healing Potions, Milk
  • NetherHealer - Leather Armor, A Stick, Milk Bucket, 6 Regeneration Potions, 16 Healing, 16 Fire resistance, 16 Regeneration Splash.
  • Fire Type - Chainmail Armor, Iron Sword, Flint and Steel, Fire resistance, Lava
  • Poison Type - 32 Poison Potions,  8 Damage, 8 Weakness Leather Armor, Stone Sword
  • Fighting Type - Diamond Armor, Diamond Sword, Bow, 64 Arrows, Shield
  • Flying Type - Iron Sword, Bow Arrow, Elytra, Leather Armor, 64 Fireworks
Maps are the places you fight mobs and try not to die to the stages
  • Classic1
    • Classic1 is a map of an arena with a big fighting arena, you fend off mobs and protect yourself from being defeated in a big stone arena.This arena has the following kits:
      • Knight
      • Hunter
      • Tank
      • Zerker
      • Archer
  • Classic2
    • Classic2 is an oval-shaped arena with many barriers in the middle to hide behind and protect yourself again mobs. This arena has the following kits:
      • Knight
      • Mage
      • Tank
      • Zerker
      • Archer
      • Cleric
  • Mythical1
    • Mythical is the arena of Gods from Greek mythology in a very stretched Gladiator arena oval feel with sandstone floors and thrones on the side.This Arena has the following kits:
      • Hermes, Athlete
      • Hercules, Strength
      • Aceso, Healing
      • Ares, War
      • Artemis, Hunting
  • Nether 
    • Themed on the Nether this uses nether blocks in the arena, nether mobs for the effect, and unique kits. The kits in this arena are the following:
      • NetherKnight
      • NetherTank
      • NetherArcher
      • NetherHealer
  • Pokemon
    • Stylized around Pokemon, small creatures like Silverfish and baby zombies are spawned, along with that unique kits are located here, the follow are kits in this arena:
      • Fire Type
      • Poison Type
      • Fighting Type
      • Flying Type