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Minigame Rules


To keep play fair for everyone on Autcraft, please follow these rules while playing minigames. Failure to do so may result in temporary or permanent loss of minigame privileges.

Rules applying to all minigames:

  1. Be respectful of others and play fair. Autcraft rules still apply while playing minigames. Do not call names, taunt or belittle other players. If you are getting upset by minigames, we urge you to take a break.
  2. Join a channel before joining a game. This will avoid confusing people with discussion of minigames in main chat. One may join a channel by typing /chan join <channel>.
  3. Do not use unapproved mods, macros, minimaps, hacks or hitboxes. Do not use mods that are not on the Approved Mods list. You may not use external programs to run macros while playing minigames. Minimap mods are not allowed in minigames. Please disable any minimaps before playing. Hacked clients are prohibited on Autcraft, especially in minigames. Please do not enable hitboxes while playing mingames.
  4. Remember to empty your inventory before joining games. There is a small chance that minigames will clear your inventory after playing, so we require that you empty it. This also prevents exploits.
  5. If you find any glitches or exploits in a minigame, please report it with /modreq. Do not abuse a glitch or exploit. Do not tell other players if you have found a glitch or exploit. In your modreq, please explain what the glitch was and what you did that triggered it.
  6. Do not accuse other players of cheating or hacking. If you suspect that a player is hacking, please message an online staff member. Do not confront the player about it.
  7. Do not cross team. Please do not team with players who are not on your assigned team.
  8. Please do not combat-log. Leaving the game in combat to prevent statistic decreases is prohibited.
  9. Do not target specific players. Do not target a single player over multiple rounds of a minigame.
  10. Follow all Autcraft Rules. Autcraft rules still apply while playing minigames. If needed, please review the Rules.
  11. Do not drag-click. The clicking technique of "drag clicking" is only possible on specific mouses, so to be fair to everyone, it is not allowed.
  12. Have fun!! Minigames are here for fun, so enjoy your time playing them!

If you have any comments or questions about these rules, please contact a staff member.