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King Of The Ladder


King Of The Ladder is a minigame where players compete to be at the top of the ladder by having powerups like snowballs and a sword. First-person to the top wins/person who stays the longest wins, house's rules.

In all 3 maps, there is a certain parkour point where you have to do tough parkour to reach the special item area, this area is located mostly centrally but some vary. These items are renewed to get every 10 mins
  • The item you get from KOTL Map 1 is: A Knockback 2 Wood Sword
  • The Items you get from KOTL Map 2 are: 16 Snowballs
  • The Item you get from KOTL Map 3 is: A Knockback 1 Fishing rod.
  • These items are useable on all maps but Keep Inventory in KOTL is not on
  • Map 1
    • More vertical map where players are challenged with swapping off ladders from broken ladders.
  • Map 2
    • A mix of Horizontal Parkour and Vertical movement where players are challenged to make hard jumps and fend off opponents.
  • Map 3
    • Map-based around the Jump boost 2 effect and allows players to make steeper harder jumps with the boost effect.