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Hide And Seek (HAS)


Hide And Seek (Also Known as HAS) Is a minigame that is played on Autcraft.

There are 2 roles in hide and seek but multiple ways to play the role.

  • Seeker
    • Search around the hide and seek maps to find the hiders and win, the hiders are disguised as a block so check around local blocks to find them, there are 3 powerups to assist you so make sure to check below for powerups.
  • Hider
    • Hide in unique spots around the several maps of hide and seek and don't get caught by the seeker.

There are unique ways to play each role and some strategies are pointed out in this section.

  • Hiding Strategy
    • The Risky Strategy: Change spots often and collect powerups knocking seekers away from other players.
    • The Hiding Strategy: Hide from the seeker and move in the shadows by finding a unique spot other would not suspect.
    • The Random Strategy: Play as a random block every round to pick more unique spots and not have everyone know specific spots.
    • The Attack Strategy: Attack the seeker and defend other blocks from attacks, group up and protect each other.
  • Seeker Strategy
    • The Camping Strategy: Not often used but sometimes a seeker stays at the powerup location for hiders to come to them.
    • The Call Out Strategy: With other seekers playing one may have a compass to show what blocks people are, they shout it out who has what block so the others know
    • The Chaser Strategy: Chase after players but suddenly predict where they go.
    • The Active Hunt Strategy: Actively look for players and check places multiple times to make sure you didn't miss a hider.

Purchase Powerups in the shops, This includes using Karma to get coins, Coins are gotten in-game or by karma when you say gg at the end of a game.

There are 3 types of powerups for both ranks and a chance changer, which can increase or decrease the chance of being a seeker or hider depending on which you choose.

  • Hider Powerups
    • Disguise Selector: Buy this and be able to select whatever block you want to hide as
    • Disguise Changer: Change disguises in-game to stay mobile and to not get detected.
    • Instant Solid: Become solid instantly to hide quicker.
    • Special Blocks: Buy Special Blocks that work on all maps, The Selector has blocks specific to the map you play plus your special blocks that are in every map.
  • Seeker Powerups
    • Disguise Detector: Detects what block a player is using and around how far they are from where you click it, has a long cooldown.
    • Infinite Speed 2: Run fast, catch the hiders!
    • Throwable TNT: Damage hiders with throwable TNT or give them a scare.
  • Free Powerups:
    • Launching Axe: to move fast and catch up
    • Damage Potions
    • Bow And Arrow

There are currently 7 maps for Hide And Seek

  • Xmas
    • A Christmas-themed map with a big Christmas Tree in the middle, a cozy Gingerbread house, an ice rink, a snowbank, and some other smaller points of interest, Hide inside the tree, on the tree, or around the other areas of the map. Powerups are located under the tree at the cross-section of the road.
  • Village Of Boos
    • The Halloween-themed map called Village Of Boos with spooky decorations and Halloween-themed areas. Hide on the ground or in some houses, Powerups are in the middle area.
  • Dry Gulch
    • This map is a wild west-themed map with unique hiding spots in every building and outside area, look around to get a cool wild west feel.
  • Castle
    • This medieval castle has insides and outsides with a surrounding wall for places to hide.
  • Autquatic 
    • An ocean monument-themed map with different blocks to hide around. With an upstairs and downstairs area, there is a variety of places to hide like the library, the rich room, the piano room, and the mesa room.
  • Playground
    • The playground map is decorated with doors, bricks, trees, a floating platform, and some bookcases for many places to hide. Run around, and discover new spots to hide with this unique map.
  • City
    • The tall buildings of the city and the lowest of sewers to which you can hide as many different blocks in this versatile city landscape. Powerups located on the surface mainly near the road.

Old Maps
These maps are no longer in use

  • Wool Hunt
    • This small map consisted of a very small amount of wool placed on the ground where hiders had to run for most of the time, this map was discontinued due to the seekers easily winning as they could find every block fairly fast as it was an open and flat map.
  • Village 1
    • The Village 1 map was an old 1.12 village where players had to jump across rooftops and hide in unique places. This map was a favorite to many and its discontinuation is unknown with the only fact of it being an old village could have been the cause, and due to how basic the hiding spots were.
  • Gas Station
    • A Very very old version of Hide And Seek was a small quartz gas station. Not much is know except it was show off in an old AutismFather video here
  • Interior Houses
    • Another Very Very old version of Hide And Seek inside an oak house with many spots to hide in and multiple floors. This was also shown off in the video here
  • A3
    • Old Village, the Village 1 being an updated design of a3 as it was made in a flat world while the A3 was in a glass box. This along with the last 2 was shown off in the video here