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Bedwars is a minigame where players fight to be the last team alive, players infinitely respawn until their bed is destroyed by another player or when they win. Bedwars was officially added to Autcraft on February 27th, 2021. Make sure to follow all the Minigame Rules and AC Rules while playing.

How To Play
To go to bedwars you first want to go to the Minigames Lobby and walk forward past the rule sign. After you get to the cave with bedwars above you right-click a sign to join a game or click the button to start the tutorial. The tutorial teaches you how to play the game in simple terms and for more visual learners. Once you are in a bedwars game you want to either move forward, backward, side to side, to get to the bronze spawner. The bronze spawner is a currency as listed below. From this, you can buy items in the Shop (Below) and can bridge them out by crouching and placing blocks on the edge to other generators for more currencies to buy better and unique items. Break the opponent's bed defense and break their bed. Once their bed is broken they can no longer respawn and you have to finish them.

There are 3 currencies inside of Bedwars

  • Bronze: Spawns at Team's Island.
  • Iron: Can spawn at the middle island but mostly corner islands.
  • Gold: Spawns Mostly in the middle island.

Players can choose from a list of maps to keep the game interesting

  • Jungle
  • Ruins
  • Winter
  • Mario

Available shops as of February 27, 2021

  • Main Shop
  • Armor Shop
  • Blocks Shop
  • Breaking Shop
  • Ranged Shop
  • Weapon Shop
  • Special Shops
    • Golden Apple - Heals 2 hearts and gives absorption. 2 Iron
    • Self Igniting TnT - Ignites the TnT once placed. 5 Iron
    • Warping Gunpowder - Warps you to your spawn point after standing still for 6 seconds. 7 Iron
    • Trap - Traps players in place for a second and alerts players. 3 Iron
    • Tracker - Tracks players on opposite teams to get the location. 2 Gold
    • Safe Fall - Right-click to use, allows players to place mid-air to catch themselves falling into the void. 10 Iron
    • Protective Wall - Spawns a protective wall of sandstone to protect yourself. 64 Bronze
    • Arrow Absorber - Absorbs arrows for a certain amount of time from opponents. 5 Gold
    • Iron Golem - Spawns an iron golem at half health to defend. 32 Iron
    • TnT Sheep - A sheep that spawns with TnT on its back and follows the enemy players to blow up. 5 Gold
    • Fireball - A fireball gets shot out when right-clicked. 3 Gold
    • Enderpearl - 3 Gold

Your Own stats are displayed on the left side of the Bedwars Lobby Island join the board. The Leaderboard is posted to the right of the join board.