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Autcraft's Christmas Village


The Christmas Village started as a small place with some builds made for the players to enjoy something during Christmas time, small houses and mini-games were constructed and added, pixel arts and lights were placed.

The Christmas Tree
Constructed at the start of the village this tree is where players meet to collect a present for Christmas, On the 25th all through the day, you can log onto Autcraft, Head to the tree, and collect a present. Generally, these presents come with new shiny!
  • 2020's Shiny: Shiny Zoglin
  • 2019's Shiny: Shiny Wandering Trader
  • 2018's Shiny: Shiny Polar Bear
  • 2017's Shiny: Shiny Snowman
The Christmas tree has an easter egg! Look around to find it!

Advent Calendar
Each Year there are unique pixel arts inside each day's advent, At the start of December check back each day until the 25th to see a new pixel art and a new item!

2019 Contest
In 2019 there was a Gingerbread House Contest! The only category was Most Traditional, The winner of the Most Traditional Gingerbread House Was Ezra901

2020 Contest
In 2020 there was a Snowman Building Contest! The Two categories were Most Traditional and Most Humorous
  • Winners Of Each Category Were:
    • Most Traditional: Skylord_jenda151
    • Most Humorous: n1n

Autcraft Sword
Every Year On Christmas Day a sword is given to all who log on, this is a tradition dated back to 2013 on Autcraft's First Christmas and have Special Lore For each year.

2020 Revamps/Updates
  • Paths were more unified and around the whole Village
  • Spots moved around such as Hot CoCo Mug and Gingerbread House
  • New Advent Calendar Items
  • Contest Winner's Display
  • Updated Blocks and Ornament Decorative Heads.
  • Updated Candy Cane
2021 Revamps/Updates
Check back soon!