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Nether Resource Hub


This build features mob spawners, piglin bartering stations, and the Nether resource shops, as well as the main entry point for the Nether Resource World.


Mob Spawners

  • Ghast
    • Gunpowder
    • Ghast tears
  • Blaze
    • Blaze rods
  • Magma Cube
    • Magma cream


Piglin Bartering

Pass one of the piglins a gold ingot. After a few moments, the piglin will drop a trade. Possible trades include enchanted books, armor, potions, obsidian, fire charges, spectral arrows, and other nether items. 


Nether Resource Shops

There are three shops in this hub. Shops and available items are:

  • Nether Ores
    • Nether quartz ore
    • Ancient debris
  • Nether Items
    • Soul sand and soul
    • Nether brick and red nether brick
    • Nether wart and nether wart block
  • Crimson and Warped
    • Crimson or Warped nylium
    • Crimson or warped stem
    • Crimson or warped fungus
    • Crimson or warped roots
    • Weeping vines
    • Twisting vines