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The server has a lot of locations for players to explore and play in, from several different worlds to mini-games

This is a list of all the locations at the current spawn. For the history and information about spawn, visit its wiki page. Spawn can be reached with the command /spawn
  • World Portals
    • All the portals and warp buttons to major locations are in the Teleportation Station. 
    • The TARDIS is a reference to Doctor Who in which the lead character flies around in a big blue phone box that is bigger on the inside. The TARDIS replaced the "wall of player heads" as the number of players we had with grew beyond what the walls could hold. As AutismFather thought about it, he realized that an infinite number of wall spaces were required so it only made sense to have a building that was somehow "bigger on the inside."
  • Shops
    • At spawn there's a range of items and blocks that players can buy, ranging from wood to elytras. The only items and blocks that will be for sale are base items and blocks (e.g logs, stone etc.) and rare items and blocks (e.g elytras, mending books etc.) You can get to it using /warp shop
  • Bank
    • The Bank can find a bank in the shops area of spawn, in a stone building next the tunnel exit. Ingame money can be traded in for emeralds, which can be used to purchase items in the shops area.
  • Patreon Monument
    • AutismFather signed up for Patreon to allow people anywhere in the world to support the server with monthly donations. In exchange for pledges of $10 or more, a monument at spawn was created to hold and display the patron's name. The Patreon Monument currently resides at Spawn5.
  • Jobs Centre
    • In the Jobs Centre you can join or leave jobs, check your job stats and see the top workers in each job.
  • Mini-Games
    • On AutCraft there are some fun mini-games you can play. These are Paintball, Parkour, Spleef, Hide & Seek, and Mob-Arena. The Mini-Games can be accessed through a portal in the Teleportation Station, or by typing /warp minigames

Role Play World
Autcraft's RP world is an exciting land with many places to discover.
  • Ponyville
    • Fans of My Little Pony will enjoy Ponyville, a recreation of the town from Friendship is Magic.
  • 1890's School
    • A massive building created in the style of an 1890's school, players can create the perfect school like stories in a huge and impressive school environment.
  • Castle
    • Kings and Queens never lived so well in our Templar inspired castle. Complete with hidden passageways, spiraling towers, and a massive throne room, there is no end to the stories that can be created here.
  • Cruise Ship
    • The Cruise Ship, previously called Oasis, is exactly as it sounds, a cruise ship. It's built to scale, where one end of the ship is beyond the render distance of the other end. If you're not careful, you might even get lost inside the ship.
  • Wonderland 
    • Set to the theme of Alice in Wonderland, you can explore the Queen of Heart's castle, the hedge maze and see all your favorite characters as you roleplay your own wacky adventures.
  • Pokemon Island
    • Visit the land of the Pokemon creatures and role play until you catch them all!
    • Giant Land
      At Giant Land, you will find huge statues of the admins as well as statues of most of the popular passive and hostile mobs in the game. Inside many of those giants, you may find a basic parkour course and even some hidden signs with messages.

There are many locations on Autcraft where players can kill mobs for XP or gather resources in a controlled environment.
  • Ender Ender 2.0
    • The Ender Ender is a build in The End where Endermen are dropped from severe heights so that players can kill them with a single empty-handed punch. 6 stations allow for several players to kill Endermen at the same time, collecting both experience and ender pearls all they want.
  • Mob Farm
    • Players can kill skeletons, creepers, zombies, witches, spiders, and slimes at our Mob Farm, all while earning experience, mob drops, and maybe even mob heads.
  • Public Farm
    • The AutCraft Public Farm was built by players, for players. Players can get everything from carrots to chorus fruit there. Players can get items from the chests at the front of the farm but they can't farm themselves as the farm is protected. There is also a Public Tree Farm at the back of the Public Farm where players can get all the wood they want. To visit the farm type /warp farm

Other Locations
  • Calm Rooms
    • The Calm Rooms, sometimes called Snoezelen rooms, are special buildings on the server specifically built to stimulate and calm a player's senses. There are several different rooms with different effects and moods. All of these rooms have the public chat disabled for both incoming and outgoing chat. A player can still send and receive private messages but nothing in the public chat. These rooms can be visited by pressing the warp button in the Teleportation Station at Spawn.
  • Spam Rooms
    • The Spam Rooms are a building with a series of rooms with different activities to "spam" with, the chat is disabled in there, but you can still message people. This to prevent people from spamming things in chat, and provide a place for people to calm down, much like the calm rooms, but a lot different as well. These can also be visited by pressing the warp button in the Teleportation Station at Spawn.
  • Village of Boos
    • A treat at Halloween and throughout the year, Village of Boos contains a haunted house, maze, cemetery, and jump scares, among other things. Once updated each year in October, you can expect fun, spooky happenings and treats from dispensers.