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Valentine's Day


Valentine's day is a day dedicated to spreading love and kindness to others, Autcraft has hosted Valentine's day events in the past, The most recent being the Love and Kindness day, 2022. 

Autcraft's Valentines Day Hosted Events
Autcraft has hosted Valentine's Day dating back to 2020

The Valentine's day event of 2020 was the Celebration of Love and Kindness 2020. This had parkour, a heart-shaped glass island at Spawn, a dance floor island, a maze, and the Admins gave out valentines.
The event of 2021's Valentine's Day was similar to 2020s with a maze, a dance island, parkour, and an island made out of red glass. The admins also left valentines for others to collect and a unique map art with a photo map art wall. Unlike last year, this event also unveiled a brand new Wither Fight arena with hearts, chocolate, custom trees, a Ferris wheel, and more.
This year's event featured similar events to the previous years. The glass at Spawn 5 was changed to pink and white, and a DJ booth was placed up in the sky near an interactive dance floor in the shape of a heart.  A heart-shaped maze, staff dunking booth, and photo backdrop filled out the remainder of the decorations. This year also featured a specially created resource pack which changed the in-game discs to play music all about friendship, and changed the game paintings as well! Each player received a special map art and a decorative head to remember the event.