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ZED's Role Play World Treasure Hunt


This game occurs every Sunday at 6 PM UK time (1 PM Eastern Time, 10 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time). 

Rules of the game

  • There is a limit of 10 players taking part per game.
  • If you are playing the treasure hunt you must have read and understood the rules, joined the chat channel "Hunt" and signed and returned a book.
  • ZED will then put your name on the board.
  • When the game starts all players will hunt around for locked shulker boxes, ZED will tell the players what area of the role play world to look in.
  • Each box will contain a different block.
  • Each block will be worth a different amount of points.
  • Once you have found a shulker box, say "I found one" in the chat channel and a helper will TP to you.
  • They will check what item you have found and report it to ZED.
  • Once all players have found a shulker box the game is over.
  • The item in each shulker box determines the player's prize.