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The Darkness


The Darkness is an amazing custom mob battle created by AutismFather that can only be found on Autcraft. There have been two versions, with the most current being The Darkness 2.0.

What is The Darkness
The Darkness is an automated Wither fight centered around a Minecraft fox and over 300 command blocks. The fox randomly runs around the arena while the command blocks set off a chain of events such as spawning custom mobs and mob bosses around itself, making spooky sounds, changing the arena walls, floor and roof, creating particles and potion effects on the players, and more. When all of the bosses are defeated, The Darkness (the fox) collapses until it returns again.

Custom Mobs
The Darkness features several custom mobs that were created by AutismFather

  • Skeleton King
    • Skeleton body wearing chain mail armor with a creeper head
    • Rides on top of a mob tower featuring a ravager, panda, polar Bear, and sheep
    • Holds a bow and Disc 11
    • No head drop, but does drop Disc 11
  • Zombie King
    • Zombie body with Zombie King head
    • Rides a very fast and erratic zombie horse
    • Drops head that gives Resistance 3
  • Nether King
    • Piglin Brute body wearing Nether King head
    • Rides a Ravager
    • Drops head that gives Fire Resistance
  • Dragon Slayer
    • Wither skeleton body wearing Dragon Slayer head
    • Rides a phantom
    • Drops head that gives Night Vision
  • Panda King
    • Husk body wearing diamond leggings
    • Rides a Panda
    • May drop husk head, but no boosts
  • Pumpkin King
    • Husk body wearing Pumpkin King head
    • Rides a black horse
    • Drops head that gives Health 10
  • Ocean Prince
    • Drowned body wearing Ocean Prince head
    • Rides an elder guardian
    • Drops head that gives Under Water Breathing
  • Witch Queen
    • Witch body wearing Witch Queen head (not visible)
    • Rides a spider on an invisible bat
    • Drops head that gives Weakness 3
  • Cursed Admins
    • Cursed AutismFather
      • Diamond sword 
      • Holds a diamond
      • Angry villager particles
      • Creates lightning all around him
    • Cursed ZEDDY1977
      • Diamond sword 
      • Holds a block of exposed copper
      • Dust particles
      • Summons phantoms
    • Cursed Crankles_
      • Diamond sword 
      • Holds a mini dripleaf
      • Spore blossom particles
      • Summons glowing endermites with rain particles
    • Cursed Solphire
      • Enchanted bow
      • Holds blaze powder
      • White ash, bubble pop, and crimson spore particles
      • Gives jump boost to nearby players

After all bosses have been defeated, "balloons" are unleashed throughout the Wither Arena. The floating balloons consist of jeb_panda and jeb_sheep stacks on invisible bats, glow squids on invisible bats, parrots, cats, and both regular and screaming goats. This bright and colorful display symbolizes the defeat of The Darkness, and provides a great way for players to collect mob heads. 

Order of Events

  • The hosting Admin broadcasts a message across the screen to alert players to the upcoming fight.
  • "The Darkness / Autcrafters: Grab your gear"
  • When all players have arrived at the Wither World, The Darkness, represented by a fox, is spawned
  • "The Darkness is here"
  • "No Flying / Elytra is fine / fly is not"
  • "Surround Sound / Headphones recommended"
  • Arena floor changes to Blackstone
  • Ash particles fill the arena
  • “Something is coming”
  • Blindness affects all players as cave spiders spawn all around
  • Arena floor changes to netherrack
  • "Darkness has summoned a wither"
  • A tiny wither appears, and grows larger until full size, when it begins to attack
  • Wither skeletons on chickens
  • Wither skeletons with and without armor
  • Floor changes to bone block
  • "The Skeleton King Approaches"
  • Skeleton king
  • Horse traps, split into skeleton horses with skeleton riders holding bows, wearing enchanted iron helmets
  • Skeleton Spider jockeys, wearing diamond helmets
  • Arena floor changes to rooted dirt
  • "Time for something new"
  • Zombie pixel art
  • Giants with ghast heads
  • Netherrite giants, with a chance of dropping netherrite armor
  • "The Zombie King"
  • Zombie Horses
  • baby zombie cave spider jockeys
  • Arena floor changes to podzol
  • Witch laughs
  • "The Witch Queen! / Dark Magic Approaches"
  • Witches riding glow squids on invisible bats
  • The Witch Queen
  • Arena floor changes to Nether bricks
  • Lava columns
  • Nether king
  • Piglin Brutes riding ravagers
  • Magma cubes
  • Piglin Brutes riding Striders
  • Arena floor changes to Soul sand
  • Dragon slayer
  • Invisible phantoms with spectral arrow effect
  • "The Warden’s Emissaries are Here"
  • “Did that sound like a panda?”
  • Panda King
  • Skeletons riding pandas
  • Pillagers with crossbows riding jeb_pandas on invisible bats
  • Arena changes to blackstone
  • Pumpkin king
  • Zombie horses
  • Baby babies with tridents
  • Baby zombies with pumpkin heads
  • Slime with silverfish and endermite stacks
  • Arena floor changes to water
  • Ocean prince
  • Baby drowned with tridents
  • Arena changes to sea lanterns
  • Levitation, wavy screen, and scary sounds
  • Cursed admins
  • Baby Admins
  • “You did it. You pushed back against the darkness and drove it out! Your light shines bright and can never be defeated.”
  • Fireworks
  • Balloons

The Darkness (original version)
The first Darkness fights were shorter and had fewer bosses, however many of the original bosses and mobs carried over into the newest version. The original order of events was:

  • Wither particle face
  • Wither
  • Wither skeletons
  • Skeleton King
  • Spider jockeys
  • Skeleton horses
  • Panda King
  • Panda stacks
  • Pillager pandas
  • Drowned riding dolphins
  • Nether King
  • Piglins riding striders
  • Zippy zoglins
  • Dragon slayer
  • Magma cubes
  • Wither skeleton knights
  • Levitation/nausea/scary sounds
  • Cursed admins
  • Clone brutes
  • Balloons