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AutismFather often talks about how the first builds on the server were the Lodge and the Welcome Sign but the inclusion of a Fireworks display was also added before Autcraft was opened to the public.

The server was opened to the pubic on June 23rd so the plan was put into motion to have a big Fireworks display available as quickly as possible for the 4th of July. Since many children with autism are unable to attend real fireworks in person due to the noise, bright and flashing lights and crowds, AutismFather wanted to make sure that the players on Autcraft could have a grand show right on the server where those things could be controlled right at their desk. 

The Fireworks have been rebuilt in several places around the server but they have always been built the same way, using traditional redstone with hoppers, droppers and dispensers.

A switch was placed which would send a signal to a hopper timer as well as a clock. That clock would then fire a random item from a dropper into a hopper which would funnel that item back down to the dropper. If the item it fired stacked to 64, nothing would happen but if it was an item that didn't stack (usually a shovel was used) then the comparator connected to the hopper would fire a signal to one of several dispensers which would randomly fire one of 9 fireworks held within.

After the hopper timer ran out of items, it would trigger a new signal which would extend a piston, disabling the redstone clock. The signal would continue to a second redstone clock connected directly to a second collection of dispensers. Without the dropper/hopper item in place, the dispensers would be free to fire every single time, creating a "grand finale" with big and rapid explosions.