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Vanish is a command available to Admins, which allows them to be invisible on the server and not appear on the online player list. 

Used when an admin needs to focus on work either on and/or off the server and is not available for chatting. The /vanish command is only accessible to the players with the rank of admin. No other ranks have access. 

Chatting to a Vanished Admin
Use /r <message> to reply to a vanished admin, if they private message you. 

What a Player Should Know and Do
We are not ignoring you. We may not be at our keyboard, we may be back and forth between the server and various other places on the internet, or talking to another player privately. Please do not ask us to private message you in public chat, if you know we are online. If you have an emergency, please use the /helpop command. If it is not an emergency, please modreq what you need.