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Most players build and set homes for themselves somewhere on the server. Some players have multiple homes. There is a system which allows you to keep track of these and even get around from home to home easily.

Command: /home <name>

Using the home command, you can instantly teleport to your home from any location on the server. Remember to give your homes a name though so that you can go from home to home if need be. Also, use descriptive names that are easy to spell so that you never forget which home is which.

Example: /home cave

Command: /sethome <name>

Stand in the location that you want to return to each time, generally in the middle of your base or at your storage area or somewhere that you know you'll want to be each time, and enter the ''/sethome'' command to set the desired location of your home teleport.

Remember to give it a descriptive name that is easy to spell.

NOTE: Home names can not have spaces in them because it will only put the first word in.

Example: /sethome cave

Command: /delhome <name>

Sometimes you may wish to abandon a home, if you are moving or if you run out of available homes that you can set. In this case, you can "unset" a home by entering the ''/delhome'' command.

Example: /delhome cave

When you join Autcraft, you are given a limit of 3 homes. That means that you can do the ''/sethome'' command, assigning 3 separate homes that you can teleport to at any time with the ''/home'' command.