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This command will allow players to fly around most of the server. Having /fly enabled also prevents fall damage.

How to Use

To enable, type /fly. Then press the space bar twice. Holding space will raise the player, and holding shift will lower the player. 

Who Can Fly on Autcraft?

Players who first join the server will not be able to fly. This command is available to earn in a variety of ways. It is available for purchase as a command in the permissions section of the store. Fly for Life is available for 15 store credits (or $15 USD). /fly is also included with Diamond, Netherite, and Patreon ranks. 

Where Can I Fly?

All players can use /fly at spawn, regardless of rank or purchased permissions. In contrast, no one is able to fly in any minigames. Players also have access to /fly in the Creative Server, however please be aware that individual plots may be set to survival mode and the command will not work.