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Firework Creator


Firework Creator is a custom plugin created exclusively for the Autcraft server. This plugin allows players the ability to use a command in-game to launch random firework rockets from their location.

This plugin was created in response to the numerous times where players requested free fireworks from Admin ranked players for the purposes of birthdays or other celebrations. Due to the complexity and number of items required to craft fireworks, players often could not craft any or enough fireworks for a proper celebration. Using this command, several players could set off a firework celebration of their own without ever having to craft a single rocket.

  • Firework Basics
    • Using the /fw or /firework command, a player can launch a single random firework from their location.
  • Firework Color
    • Using the basic commands of /fw or /firework you can use colors to specifically use in a given firework. Example of a firework: /fw green. Makes a green-colored firework. You can also make multi-colored fireworks by putting multiple colors inside.
    • Example: /fw purple magenta pink black - Makes a Purple, Magenta, Pink, and Black Firework.
    • Useable Colors
      • Red
      • Orange
      • Yellow
      • Lime
      • Green
      • Cyan
      • Blue
      • Magenta
      • Purple 
      • Pink
      • White
      • Black
      • Gray
  • Firework Shapes
    • Using the basic commands of /fw or /firework you can make shapes to specific fireworks. For example, a firework with a creeper face can be made with /fw creeper.
      • Useable Shapes
      • Star
      • Burst
      • Creeper
  • Firework Special Effects
    • Using the basic commands of /fw or /firework you can make Special effects to specific fireworks. For example, a firework with a twinkle at the end is made with /fw twinkle
    • Usable Special Effects
      • Trail
      • Twinkle
  • Firework Combining
    • Using the basic commands of /fw or /firework you can combine all 3 firework elements into special and unique fireworks. An example of such is /fw Red Blue Creeper Twinkle
    • Unique Firework Creations
      • /fw purple magenta pink black star twinkle
      • /fw red white blue burst twinkle
      • /fw red white star trail
      • /fw red orange yellow green star
  •  Firework Shows
    •  For Patreon rank players, there is the additional command of /fw show. Using this command will launch up to 10 random fireworks from the player's location.
    • The fireworks launch one after the other in random colors, power levels, and shapes. You can also combine all the other combinable things together, with multiple colors it picks random ones to display so you get a more unique show.

Cooldown Timer
In order to prevent firework spam or lag to player's clients, the amount of times that a player can use either of these commands is limited via a cooldown timer.

The default delay time period for launching fireworks is 5 minutes for non-Patreon players and 30 seconds for those with Patreon rank.