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Here you will find some commands you can do as an Autcrafter:

/ach - A command that uses various subcommands, and typing it will show a few of the main AC commands that are able to be used.

/afk - It will show up in chat and in tab that you are AFK (Away From Keyboard) but it is generally used as a term for being idle. You will be kicked after 15 minutes of being idle unless you are a Helper+

/autcraft - It's the same as /ach

/autcrafthelper -  The same as /ach & /autcraft

/back - Will teleport you to the previous location you were at.

/bal - Shows your balance of money.

/balance - Same as /bal

/birthday <day> <month> - Set your birthday. For example June 23 is entered as 23 6

/bungee - Will show what BungeeCord Version we're running.

/chan - Will show different subcommands to use with /chan.

/channel - Same as /chan.

/chat - Doing /chat <message> will just send the message in chat, it is a way that people in channels send messages outside of the channel, 
mostly used by Staff talking to people inside and outside of a channel.

/comment <status number> - Used to comment on modreqs.

/compass - Shows precisely what direction you're facing.

/coords - Shows what world you are in, what coordinates you are at, which way you are rotated and your head angle.

/craft - Allows you to open the crafting bench if you have Iron Rank+.

/credits - Displays the amount of store credits you have

/delhome <home name> - Allows you to delete one of your sethomes.

/done <status number> - Allows you to close one of your modreqs.

/eat - Refills your hunger and saturation bars if you have Iron Rank+.

/essentials:etpacancel - Executes the same command as /tpacancel or /etpacancel.

/essentials:tpacancel - The same as /essentials:etpacancel.

/etpacancel - Executes the same as /tpacancel, which cancels any tp-requests you sent.

/feed - Same as /eat.

/firework - Will shoot a random firework above you.

/fix all;hand - Allows you to repair what you're holding/everything in your inventory if you have Diamond Rank+.

/fly - Gives you the ability to fly, you have to either buy fly, diamond rank or patreon rank to use it.

/fw - Executes the same command as /firework.

/getpos - The same as /coords.

/hat - Allows you to put whatever item you're holding on your head and wear it. Some items are restricted from being used as a /hat though.

/head - Does the same as /hat.

/heal - This command will put you to full health, remove all potion effects and saturate your hunger bar. Diamond+ ability, however, Buddy Rank+ can /heal other players.

/helpop - EMERGENCY COMMAND If there is a serious situation with no staff members online, you can use this command to notify an Admin. FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.

/highlight - change the color of your name and a sound that plays when pinged in chat. 

/home - Allows you to teleport to one of your sethomes.

/hug <player/:hug/console/bessie/autcraft> - Allows you to hug another player or any of the other subcommands listed.

/ignore <player> - Allows you to ignore other players by blocking their chat messages for you, you cannot ignore a Helper+

/jobs - Will display all subcommands for the jobs plugin.

/linesplit - The same as /splitchat, it allows you to seperate the chat messages using any character of your choice.

/list - Will show all players online apart from staff members in vanish.

/lock - Will display valid subcommands for the lockette plugin, using signs to lock chests, doors and anything a player can interact with.

/lockette - The same as /lock.

/m - Short for /msg, which is used to message people.

/ma - Displays a subcommand for the Mob Arena plugin.

/mail - Displays all subcommands and how to use the /mail command to send mail to users who are offline.

/mobarena - Same as /ma.

/modreq <message> - Allows you to request an administrator to do something, modreqs take up to 2 days to be completed. Generally used for claiming & bug reports that aren't done on the forums, but many other things too.

/msg <player> <message> - Allows you to message other players who are online.

/near - Shows all near players within 200 blocks.

/pb - Shows all subcommands for the paintball minigame plugin.

/perms - Shows what group of permissions you have in bungee.

/pp - Opens the particles menu

/ppo - Management for particles plugin, for admins only.

/pronouns - select pronouns to display in front of your user name in chat

/r - Allows you to reply to the last person who messaged you.

/removecurseditem - If you have put on a cursed item you cannot remove, this will delete the item.

/repair all;hand - Allows you to repair what you're holding/everything in your inventory if you have Diamond Rank+.

/reply - Same as /r.

/rules - Displays server rules.

/seen - Allows you to view how long a player has been online or offline. This command is only available to Helper+

/server <survival/creative> - Allows you to switch from creative to survival without using the world portals.

/spawn - Teleports you to spawn.

/split <character> Allows you to divide chat messages up by any character of your choice.

/splitchat - Same as /split.

/splitline - Same as /split.

/stables - Shows valid subcommands for the stables plugin, which allows players to store horses within the plugin, however, it is very glitchy and be weary when using it.

/status - Allows you to view previous modreqs and their status numbers.

/t - Same as /msg, allows you to message other players.

/teammsg - The command is disabled on the server, but was added in a 1.14 snapshot because players could be added to certain teams in vanilla and this was a way of communication between those teams.

/tpa <player> - Allows you to request to teleport to someone else.

/tpacancel - Cancels all pending requests you have sent.

/tpaccept - If someone sent you a tpa or tpahere request, you accept it using this.

/tpahere - Allows you to request that someone else teleports to you.

/tpdeny - Allows you to deny a tpa or tpahere request you were sent.

/tpno - Same as /tpdeny.

/tpyes - Same as /tpaccept.

/unignore - Allows you to unignore someone who is on your list of ignored players.

/w - Shortened version of /whisper, allows you to message other players.

/warp <warp name> - Allows you to warp to any warps or to check the list of warps.

/warps - Shows list of warps.

/wb - Shortened /workbench or /craft, it opens a crafting table menu if you have iron rank+

/whisper - Same as /w.

/who - Same as /list, shows all players online except for staff members in vanish.

/workbench - Same as /wb.