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Channel Commands


Chat commands are tools players can use change which chat channel they are viewing. All /channel commands also work with /chan

/channel create <name> - create a new chat channel. Channel names must be one word with no spaces.
Example: /channel create private
/channel join <name> - join an existing chat channel
Example: /channel join spleef
/channel join - shows a menu listing all the available channels and the players that are in a channel
/channel who - see which players are currently in a channel
/channel close - close the channel so no one may join
/channel open - open the channel so players may join
/channel leave - leave the current channel and return to main chat
/chat <message> - send a message to main chat
Example: /chat Welcome to Autcraft, NewPlayerName!

Note: Admins and SrHelpers can monitor the chat channels to make sure the chat is appropriate.