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Things to do when you are bored


This is a list of things to try in Minecraft when you are bored and need something to do.
  • Keep a cluster of hoops in the air suspended by balloons and fly through them with an elytra.
  • Build an area for a bonfire. Make it look like burning by adding some burning netherrack and coals or ash. And, also add some benches and chairs.
  • Use a suspended bridge to connect two distant bases. Lay some track on that and then use minecarts to travel from one base to another.
  • Add some camp-grounds to a wooded area and also add an RV, some hiking paths, and a ticket area. Then, add some villagers to guard the place.
  • Build a huge glass snowglobe. You can also build a tiny house inside and make villagers live in it.
  • Build a resort in a warm biome. You can add pools, gambling areas, restaurants, arcade section and many other things to make like your dream vacation destination.
  • Try to create your or your neighbor's house in Minecraft. You can also try creating an event like your birthday party or a pool party.
  • Build an animal farm and name it something funny.
  • Make your personal Mount Rushmore by carving the face of your favorite people or celebs.
  • Create a world like that of Mario and Luigi from your childhood.
  • Make an oasis in the desert area by adding a small lake, some tropical trees, bushes, and a hammock.
  • Cover a mountain with twisted paths around it. Lay tracks on it and then travel with a minecart.
  • Go to the highest point of your base and build a tower there. Turn it into an observatory and look around the world through it.
  • Build a town underneath the massive jungle trees by removing all the small trees and bushes. Ocelots will spawn here.
  • Build some tree houses in the jungle and connect them with rope bridges to make a bigger structure.
  • Go to the ocean and build the forgotten city of Atlantis.
  • Build a house only using fish tanks.
  • Create a volcanic wasteland by using obsidian, black stained clay, lava blocks, and lava formations.
  • Build a lush green forest using custom trees to make it look like the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Add large skeletons of huge beasts into the desert biome.
  • Make some fireworks and have a firework display whenever you complete something.
  • Design and make custom banners and nameplates for all the houses in your village.
  • Build a dark and haunting mob arena.
  • Craft a whale or a giant squid floating in an ocean.
  • Dug up tunnels below the river.
  • Build two pirate ships and make it look like they are having a war.
  • Build compact statues around the fortress base.
  • Build a race track for your farm animals like horses or pigs.
  • Build a sky base.
  • Craft a massive chest room.
  • Build a huge library having many shelves, a librarian, tables, chairs, and an area dedicated to reading.
  • Make a horse stable with many horses and a care-taker.
  • Use creative lighting in your base and remove all the torches.
  • Occupy a desert pyramid.
  • Build your own McDonald's store in the game.
  • Build an ancient temple filled with traps and treasures all around amidst the jungle.
  • Turn a village into a military compound having jets, anti-air cannons, boats, and other war-machines.
  • Convert a witch hut into the candy house inspired by Hansel and Grettle.
  • Convert a desert well into a detailed fountain.
  • Turn an end city into a wizard tower. You won't have a tough time doing this as it is already purple and tower-shaped.
  • Build a sustainable living environment underground. Also, build fallout shelters inside.
  • Have a light show by combining minecarts, detector rails, and lamps.
  • Craft a big floating island amidst the ocean and then sit on it to watch the sunset.
  • Build a zoo. Add all the types of mobs in it and also build different habitats for them.
  • Craft your mob farm to shape it like a giant sword.
  • Build a big forge under your iron farm and make it look like iron golems are smelting into molten metal inside.
  • Build a secret base inside the well of a village.
  • Take a nether fortress to the overworld.
  • Build an animal pen in the mountains.
  • Craft a beautiful garden inside a ravine.
  • Make an arena that releases mobs when you click a button.
  • Dug up a giant quarry in a mesa biome.
  • Renovate old farms and make them look like the stylish ones you see in movies.
  • Build your own giant statue.
  • Convert the village breeder into a shimmering lighthouse
  • Ask someone to play a mini game with you.
  • Fight a wither
  • Turn on some music and watch your parrots dance