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AutGuide is an Autcraft Exclusive Plugin that is designed to help players on Autcraft!Ā 

What Is AutGuideĀ 
The AutGuide Command is a command with various modes and sections for players to learn the server and its stuff, additionally, it helps new staff members like Helpers. To use it you do /Guide or /AutGuide:Guide and click on the items inside the menu. The Command has different sections of higher up ranks ( Mostly staff ranks ).
  • Need Help?
    • Teaches players how to use the commands /helpop and /modreq. The item depicted is an Enchantment bottle.
  • Protect My Home
    • A guide to how to make a modreq to protect your home or base with /modreq and is depicted with a wooden axe.
  • Earning Points
    • Shares the basic ways to get points and is depicted as a diamond.
  • Ranks
    • Explains the ranks and dividing them up from Donator Ranks and Staff Ranks along with youtube rank. Depicted as a gold ingot.
  • Setting Up A Shop
    • Walks one through the steps of setting up a shop to earn emeralds or items with a villager or sign shop, depicted as an emerald.
  • Staff Rank Section
    • Staff Ranks get specific sections to help new staff but are only shown to staff members.
  • Exit Guide
    • Exits you from the Guide.