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Autcraft History


Autcraft was created on June 23, 2013, in response to autism parents online searching for a safe place for their children to play without fear of bullying, teasing or harassment. Stuart Duncan created an autism blog titled Autism From a Father's Point of View in May 2010 and and got to know many people throughout the autism community.

As the popularity of Minecraft grew, he began to notice more and more parents of autistic children reaching out to one another in hopes that their children could play apart from the public servers where bullying ran rampant. Witnessing this for several months, Stuart Duncan felt like he could help. From a modest $2.50 investment, Autcraft was born.

From just a simple Facebook post going out exclusively to friends, not publicly, the reach went viral within the autism community as word spread from autism parent to autism parent. Stuart was quoted as saying "within 2 days, I had received over 750 emails."

Within 48 hours of announcing the launch of the server, Stuart Duncan's ISP (Internet Service Provider) disabled his access to their email server citing the reason being that the traffic volume of emails resembled that of a business and was not allowed for a residential account.

Within 8 days of the server's launch, the price of renting the server hardware went from $2.50/m to $85/m having upgraded 8 times from the bottom tier package to the top tier.

Currently, the server has over 15000 players on the whitelist with an average of 1,200 unique players on the server each month.