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or did i do the application form wrong?
AF, in my account settings (overview i think) i went to verifications, clicked the /verify thing,it says i'm a member of group of some kind, does that mean im whiteisted? Thanks SG2222
hi i've been waiting 8 days, just wondering how much longer t will take, thanks, ShadowGamer2222
thxs for letting me in
can i please be whitelisted ive been waiting a while now so yea thx if u can get me in
autismfather, how long does it take to be whitelisted?
Yeah i wonder so too. I've been waiting for like 2 weeks to get verified now, it's taking really long.
Hello, where do I type the verify command?
how long does it take to be whitelisted?
AutismFather is it possible to join with the mod "sodium 1.19.3" withoit the minimap, if so how?


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7 days ago
Everything to know for Christmas on Autcraft!

#1 - The Autcraft Christmas Resource Pack:
For information on how to use a resource pack, go to

#2 - Christmas Village is at /warp Christmas or /warp xmas

#3 - The Advent Calendar is at Christmas Village. Every day at midnight restart, a new door opens!

#4 - The lighting of the Menorah starts on December 7th for Hanukkah.

#5 - All players can /fly in the build, resource, and wither worlds for the month of December!

#6 - All players can now place lava! No more needing an admin to do it!

#7 - Admins have changed their skins which means new heads to collect! December only! When December ends, the heads will never be available again!

#8 - There is now an area at spawn where you can write a letter to Santa!

#9 - There is also an area at spawn to get our 2023 Christmas Map Arts!

#10 - T'Was The Night Before Christmas will be on December 24th at 3pm server time

#11 - Be here on Christmas Day for the Autcraft 2023 Sword and a present from under the tree!

#12 - New Years fireworks will be on December 31st, every hour starting at 4am server time!


13 days ago
Block Friday Sale! On until the end of Monday

All weekend, players can get any rank, /fly, /sethome options, and more shops for 50% off!

The sale ends at the end of Monday so put those job points to use now!

15 days ago
Christmas on Autcraft!

We have a brand new Advent Calendar this year and we can't wait to show you what's inside!

As always, players can join each day in December up to and including Christmas to get free in game gifts! And on Christmas Day, get a present from under the tree and collect the Autcraft 2023 sword!

In addition to this, we'll also have a Menorah for Hannukah, and a Kinara for Kwanza, plus some extras to go along with those as well.

The Admins will be changing their skins so you'll be able to get special 2023 Christmas Admin heads all December in Wither/Darkness/Madness fights.

On December 24th, you are all invited to join us on the server at spawn for the annual reading of T'was the the Night Before Christmas. This will take place at 3pm (server time, EST) on Christmas Eve.

And finally, on December 31st, as we do each year, we will have fireworks on the server every hour all day long so that players in each time zone can celebrate the New Year with fireworks in what ever time zone they're in!

All this and more for December 2023! 🎅

24 days ago

You're unbanned now.