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So my son is really excited to be on here but we've been having some issues lately getting onto AutCraft and we found out that it takes sometimes awhile to be whitelisted. I was just wondering if you could whitelist my son bumbleBeeman201. Thank you for your time.
hello idk why but when i tried to valadate my accout Echoyka it said error to valladating my accout idk why
Hello! I'm gabothegab and I wish to not be pushy but I'd greatly appreciate being whitelisted! :D Whenever you please is fine I'm just super excited!! (flappy happy hands)!
Hi! Sadly just asking to be whitelisted wont work, After you register it can take up to 2 weeks for you to be whitelisted, (Maybe more as AutismFather has been a little behind on applications)
Morning, I've added my son LittleJaguar10 and wondering if he could be whitelisted... he's very keen to play today if possible. Pls contact me if I need to do anything to make this happen. KR Tim
Please whitelist piotrekr15
Could you check if my son is whitelisted as it tells me he is not (but we might not have the settings right?)
Thank you for accepting me, I won’t forget this moment
can you whitelist me pls


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13 hours ago
Happy 15th Birthday Minecraft!

Happy Birthday Minecraft!

Today is Minecraft's 15the birthday, so to celebrate on Autcraft, we're giving every player who joins the server today a special Minecraft 15th Anniversary player head!

But hurry because once today is over, there'll be no more chances to get it!

2 days ago
The End Dimension Just Got a Lot More Colorful!

The shulkers in The End have started spawning in all of their different colors!! As you explore, expect to find shulkers not just in their normal "purpur" color, but also in all other 16 colors as well!

Yes, you can still use dye on them to change their color if there's one in particular you want or need, but now it's no longer necessary to use dye on them at all, if you don't want to!

Shulkers in new areas of The End build world as well as The End Resource World will now come in all colors. Shulkers from spawners or spawn eggs can be in a random color as well. Shulkers that were spawned prior to this change will remain in whatever state they were before.

16 days ago
May is Shiny Month!

In addition to increased head drop rates and shiny rates, we've also added 18 brand new shinies to discover!

Good luck!!

21 days ago
Baby Admins In The Wild!!

Starting today, the baby zombies wearing admin heads will now spawn in the wild!

The worlds in which they can spawn:
- Hard
- Hard Amplified
- Hard Resource

They work just like the ones in the Wither Fights and Darkness Fights... admin heads can drop but they won't drop every single time.

We're hoping this will help those players who are never able to make it to the big fights to get some of those admin heads on their own any time and any day they want.

23 days ago
Unable to Connect To Autcraft?

Minecraft just updated their version to 1.20.5 but Autcraft is still using version 1.20.4. This means that your launcher may be loading the update now and not let you connect to Autcraft.

To fix this, you will have to choose the proper version in your launcher when you load the game. Make sure you choose 1.20.4.

For instructions on how to do this, see:

We will be adding a plugin which will allow people using 1.20.5 to connect as soon as it's available, however, due to the complexity in this new update, it may take some time.

Also, yes, Autcraft will update to 1.20.5 as soon as we can but again, it may take a while simply because the 1.20.5 update is so massive. Seriously, there's a lot. Go to this page of update information and scroll down... all the way down:

So for now, please load your game in version 1.20.4 so that you can connect to Autcraft. We'll update the server to 1.20.5 as soon as we can.