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Errors using versions older than 1.19.3

If you are kicked from the server and see an error message that looks like this:
Caused by: com.viaversion.viaversion.exception.InformativeException: Please report this on the Via support Discord or open an issue on the relevant GitHub repository
It is caused by the plugin that lets you connect with older versions not being able to get the data from an old player head either in your inventory, at your base, or possibly in your chest. Please try reconnecting with version 1.19.3 and clear out some older heads from your location before attempting to connect again with an older version.

Head Suggestions
Started by Squashified



25 Jul 2022
Last Seen
11 Jan 2023

I Think That They Should Add A Command Called '/updatehead' Where If You Have Your Player Head And Lets Say Change Your User Name It Would Say 'Squashified's Head' Instead Of 'RebornSquash373's Head' (using myself as an example) And Update To The Skin, Just Think This Would Be A Cool Thing To Have A Head Update Command (i wouldn't make it automatic tho because then we couldn't collect peoples event heads and always have the latest)


Squashified · 4 months ago