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10 months ago
Can i bring some of my 'teammates'?

I am running a survival building project with a dozen of teammates in my own server, which will take a couple of years.

since the proper blueprint is crucial to not making us to tear down all the blocks and build it again, we had decided the creative world where every proper (rule-complying) thing can be built is necessary, for mutual feedback and detailed observation of works.

but there are a few problems.

first, not all of my friends has autism. in fact, i am the only one who has autism, but i am the project leader.

second, not all of my friends speaks english well. some of them might speak in Korean many times, while talking only within us.

you may decide that our team does not fit in this server to build and design some buildings, that is fine. we are NOT going to insist that we SHOULD be in THIS server.

i was just wandering through options that has free-for-all building world, and this server was one of those.

thanks for considerable answer in advance.