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Hello I’m RebornSquash373 And this is my Autcraft Account Profile! I’m Very Interested In Drawing and making Parkour courses In Creative! I also Own My Own Shop Or Mall Called “Friendship Hall “ That You Should Check out! I’m also Running Out of Storage For my Friend Gift’s Which is a Good Problem to Have. I Usually Start Playing around 8.00Am UK Time And end depending on what I have planned for the day. I Started Playing Autcraft Around Before Easter 2022. I Play Autcraft As A Living And I Have So Many Lovely Friends And So Much Progress And As I’m Writing this I’ve been On Autcraft For Around 20 Days total Playtime And It’s Been So Lovely Staying On Autcraft I’ve Taken Part In Potws And Events And Had More Happiness Than I’ve Ever Had! Remember, Just BEE You!


8 months ago
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2 months ago
Autcraft is now on version 1.19.3

nice! can't wait to use 1.19.3!  =D

3 months ago
New Fan Art For Zeddy :D

Nice! I Love The ArtWork!

4 months ago
The Autcraft Christmas Village

Its Amazing! (rn for me its 2nd of december so its already out) and in game its great, mazes houses pixel art the village and every day, one of the vaults open! and you get something, also wonder what the presents under the christmas tree are, they have command blocks under them and are locked to AF, AF is it some sort of like Lever That Sets The Command Blocks Off and locks the chest to autcrafters or something else? just curious.

4 months ago
How do I get whitelisted?

Yeah What WiseTheRed Said, It Takes Roughly 2 Weeks rn, If You Ever Didn't Get Whitelisted In Like 3 Weeks I'd Say Maybe Send Another One, Im Might've Not Gone Through


4 months ago
Head Suggestions

I Think That They Should Add A Command Called '/updatehead' Where If You Have Your Player Head And Lets Say Change Your User Name It Would Say 'Squashified's Head' Instead Of 'RebornSquash373's Head' (using myself as an example) And Update To The Skin, Just Think This Would Be A Cool Thing To Have A Head Update Command (i wouldn't make it automatic tho because then we couldn't collect peoples event heads and always have the latest)