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about 1 year ago
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4 months ago
Autcraft has updated to 1.20.1!!

Yay! Another update I have to spend countless hours obtaining all new items  that it brings. 

I love the blossom trees though!

11 months ago
Autcraft is now on version 1.19.3

nice! can't wait to use 1.19.3!  =D

11 months ago
New Fan Art For Zeddy :D

Nice! I Love The ArtWork!

about 1 year ago
The Autcraft Christmas Village

Its Amazing! (rn for me its 2nd of december so its already out) and in game its great, mazes houses pixel art the village and every day, one of the vaults open! and you get something, also wonder what the presents under the christmas tree are, they have command blocks under them and are locked to AF, AF is it some sort of like Lever That Sets The Command Blocks Off and locks the chest to autcrafters or something else? just curious.