AutconUK 2019 will take place on 17th August 2019 in Liverpool, North West England. We only have a few places left now, so if you are interested in meeting up with your Autcraft friends and would like to meet some admins and staff, why not come along! If you are interested please sign up at our events page and then I will get more information sent out to either you (if you are over 18) or your parents.

CookielineGirl We wanted to go, but its far away from home, I''ve got school, etc etc.
jbRomHacker not going to autcon cuz its in uk and its too far
saoirse200 My mum did my passport application last night, Now it will be my Dad's turn soon :)

This will be the 6th time that Autcraft hosts fireworks every hour, on the hour, starting at midnight in Brisbane, Australia to midnight in California, United States.

That means that we will be on the server from 9am (EDT) my time to 3am my time, doing fireworks every hour at the top of each hour.

Autcraft does this because some children with autism are unable to attend fireworks in real life due to the lights, the sounds, the crowds and everything else that can contribute to sensory overload.

By having fireworks on Autcraft, players are in control of the brightness, the volume and can enjoy them in the comfort of their own home.

We do the fireworks at the top of each hour so that every player can enjoy fireworks at midnight no matter which timezone they re in.

This is something we began as the calendar changed from 2013 to 2014 and we continue it today as we move from 2018 to 2019. We invite everyone to join us at any time, it doesn't have to be midnight for you. You can watch any of the shows you want.

The fireworks are held at spawn over the frozen fountain in front of the lodge.

I hope to see you there and Happy New Year!

Terrapinboy01 Can I be whitelisted again
Ewan_the_red Gday mates! Happy new year! It’s already passed XD
fluffyrosie o HNY!!!

So here's something that we see often and just happened again. Please read and learn from this.

A player on Autcraft had a Twitter account which recently has become quite rude and vulgar. In fact, far worse than I'd care to describe here. And what's even worse is that they began attacking other players on Twitter.

It got so bad that we had to remove that player from the whitelist as a precaution. Once we were able to talk, they told us that they didn't really use Twitter so they had given the account away to a friend.


Your account is YOUR identity. If you give someone else access or give it away to someone else, that person can quite literally say and do anything they want and YOU are the one that will pay the consequences for it.

You can never prove it either. Think about it, how would you prove that it was someone else and not you? If the account is saying and doing such terrible things, wouldn't it be logical to assume that the person would be willing to lie about it too? How are we supposed to believe that it was really a "friend"?

You can never really know what someone else will use your account for. And if you have already friended/followed people that you consider friends or important to you in any way... guess who will immediately become the victim to what ever terrible things that person decides to do.

And that's the thing... they can quite literally say and do anything they want because it will all come back on you. Not them. You. It's your account.

If you aren't using an account, whether it's social media, Minecraft or anything else.. do not EVER give someone else access to it. Delete it when you're done. Forget the password to it. What ever you want to do but never ever give anyone else access to it.

You are responsible for your identity online no matter who using it.

If you are a parent, please tell your children.

BobcatBud O_o Now I know never to use Twitter. :p O_o
acebrandon Whell Hello To all wonderful autcrafter how are u all doing
Vakare very very smart pear AutismFather is :)

It's December which means it's time to open up Christmas Village to all of the players. As with every year, more has been added to make it bigger and better than ever! You can visit Christmas Village by going to /spawn and pressing the button in front of the ACC portal.

There's an Advent Calendar inside Christmas Village that has doors which will open each day but there's also another, new, Advent Calendar in our online shop. By doing /buy in game or visiting the website (, players will get one free item each day leading up to Christmas Day, for free!

In addition to all of this, there will be new decorator heads added for Christmas, including characters and items, such as presents, bells and more!

Of course, that's not nearly all but we don't want to spoil all of the surprises!

So join us in counting down to Christmas by visiting the Autcraft server and seeing everything that's new in Christmas Village!

BobcatBud Guys, I'm trying 1.14 beta, it is so cool! I have all of the new cats, THEY ADDED MICHAEL THE CAT!!! It looked EXAC...
xXDuckDuckXx dashing through the snow in a 1 duck open sleigh sits me and im excited for all of the days to be opened it seems so ama...
destinyisntfree Titis is so cool!

Since this happened two separate times just this weekend, this apparently needs to be repeated:

Autcraft is a no swearing server. Not even inappropriate language or topics. There are children on the server as young as 6 years old, many are between 8 and 12. Their parents do not want their children hear/reading things that may upset them, or that they have no business reading.

This includes books, signs and private messages, not just public chat.

Two separate times this weekend, friends were playing together on the server, never talking in public chat, only ever talking to each other in private and both times, one of the friends said a very bad swear word that resulted in our plugins auto kicking them and removing them from the whitelist.

Why are we this strict? Why not let two friends talk this way in private?

Because we've seen many, MANY times where people forget to put the '/' before their messages, or where the server experienced a hiccup or some other accident or mistake where what should be private ends up being shared with the entire server.

We understand completely that some players, especially our older players, don't like having to censor themselves just because there are children on the server. But you know what? That's the way it is.

I've said it many times before and I'll keep repeating it... our server rules are not open to your own selective interpretation. When it says "no swearing," it means no swearing. It doesn't matter where you write the words, or how old you are, or what your opinion of the rules is... you do not swear. Period.

I'm not trying to be mean. But the whole point of this server is to keep players safe. All players. And not being able to swear is not, in any way jeopardizing your safety. But it is ensuring the safety of those much younger than you.

Also, if you do find yourself removed and would like to be back on the server, promising to keep the language family friendly, then all it takes is an email to me, a message on our website or even a message to our Facebook page. Let me know you made a mistake and won't do it again and I'll re-add you right away.

But again... no swearing is no swearing. Period.

jbRomHacker its no good
waxenorchid811 You're getting offended at symbols on a screen. Can I really say more?
BobcatBud I kinda feel betrayed by the people who swear on the server even if They're NOT, Strictly NOT ALLOWED to on the ser...
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